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MERLOT award, GeoGebra


Balazs Koren

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of MERLOT award, GeoGebra

First ten years of GeoGebra GeoGebra Institutes International
GeoGebra Institute 2007 - 2013 Core Aims of IGI Teacher training and support
Offer workshops & support
Material and software development
Share free materials
Encourage and coordinate collaborative research
Enable disadvantaged communities 144 GeoGebra Institutes in more than 80 countries http://www.geogebra.org/community Difficulties of serving large communities GIs can reach mostly local teachers/communities

Members work in different institutions

Large geographical areas to cover

If many people involved that results too large staff

Maintain independence of work Towards a GeoGebra Institute network Rather than country-wide institutes, GI network serves better a country’s needs

Establishing local institutes, but encourage a coordinating committee (locally decided)

Individual application followed by a network application Institute network case: Spain Planned Institute Centres Linz, Austria – Software development

Budapest, Hungary – Community support

Cambridge, UK – STEM and Research

Possible other centres The Nordic GeoGebra Network is a collaboration between teachers, teacher educators and researchers in mathematics education with the aim of sharing materials and exchanging experiences concerning the use of ICT in the teaching of mathematics with emphasis on the GeoGebra software. A special kind of institute network Africa Asia Central and South America Most new institutes from Events GeoGebra Online One Laptop per Child Project Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India Argentina 3million netbooks http://facebook.com/geogebra http://www.youtube.com/geogebrachannel http://twitter.com/geogebra http://blog.geogebra.org Let's work together! Use GeoGebra
Share it
Upload to GeogebraTube
Like facebook.com/geogebra
Follow twitter.com/geogebra 2002 2012 2007 2005 forum, wiki page 2011 Institutes Over 144 institutes and increasing... 4.0 http://geogebratube.org 1 click upload
21000+ materials uploaded Salzburg, 2002 http://geogebra.org/webstart/5.0/ http://bit.ly/geogebra1 http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/2.0/geogebra.jnlp 4.2 http://web.geogebra.org http://geogebra.org http://geogebratube.org Balazs Koren - balazs@geogebra.org Las Vegas, USA
09.04.2013. Meet and exchange ideas. 4.2 5.0 Web Tablet 2013 Tablet version Age 6-10: Adding Integers Age 11-14: Girl in the Mirror Age 15-16: Function Composition Age 17+: Spreadsheet & Calculus Age 6-10 11-14 15-16 17 up http://www.geogebratube.org/student/m17495 http://www.geogebratube.org/student/m17496 http://www.geogebratube.org/student/m17497 GeoGebra 4.x CAS View in 4.2 Fully connected symbolic view
Dynamic updates of dependencies
Easy to use starting from age 13 GeoGebraTube GeoGebra3D GeoGebra works in Chrome (without Java)
Available on Chrome Web Store
http://bit.ly/geogebrachrome We hope to soon start work on adding:

2nd Graphics View
CAS View
3D View What is working:

All commands, including the new ones from GeoGebra 4.2
Algebra View
Spreadsheet view
Input Bar
Style Bar

Bonus features that the Java version doesn’t have:

Save and share your .ggb files to Google Drive
Edit -> Insert Image from -> Webcam
Equation editing in the Algebra View Google
ChromeApp Try it! http://blog.geogebra.org/2012/06/geogebra-chrome-app-released/ 4.0 - "old" stable
4.2 - current stable version Real 3D online repository for .ggb files
1 click upload
30000+ materials shared
more than 11 million views Spredsheet & Statistics Interactive
Whiteboard Support Implicit Curves Pen tool
Freehand shape tool
Keyboard GeoGebra on
the iPad With your help,
it is possible!
Dynamic mathematics meets touchscreen. Python programming http://ggbmidwest.com/conference North America Conference http://bit.ly/geogebra_edu_on_air https://plus.google.com/communities/101463546410650304781 http://web.geogebra.org Thank you for your attention.
Balazs Koren, balazs@geogebra.org - Graphics, algebra and tables are connected and fully dynamic
- Easy-to-use interface, yet many powerful features
- Available in many languages
- Free and open source software
- More than 30 000 materials available, ready to use, Common Core Standards appropriate Partners:
... NCTM Pre Conference Booth #1433 @NCTM Denver http://igi-nctm.eventbrite.com Ge Gebra.org useful in Vegas... http://bit.ly/geogebrachrome http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geogebra/geogebra-for-the-ipad http://geogebra.org/cms/institutes Next institute network? - We hope so. How can i do ... in GeoGebra?
I need CCS grade 6 geometry materials.
I made a great applet in GeoGebra
... Join us the day before the NCTM! Google Education on Air Introduction to GeoGebra
Chrome App No Java? Go HTML5!
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