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Chinese Theatre

No description

Morgan Arentz

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Theatre

Costumes! Chinese Theatre! History Events Symbolic! Ornaments Decoration! History shows that Chinese theatre
goes as far back as the 5th century BC. Includes Skits, pantamonies, dancing, singing, and juggling. Dynasties! Following the Shang,the Zhou,Yuan, Ming, Song, Tang Chinese art was linked to the patronage of the imperial court. Popular forms of theater have records that still exist. There are other documents recording the existence of traveling theatrical troops, some permanent playhouses, and theatrical activity that involved not only actors, dancers, and singers but also shadow puppets and marionettes.
By: Morgan Arentz In China the dragon is the male element.Which is the emblem of heaven. The monkey too is immortalized. He is supposed to have existed before there was a Heaven and earth--where we are not informed.The fox is a comic symbol whose stage "business" seems limitless 1. Sun, in a bank of clouds, with a three-legged bird inside the disc.
2. Moon, containing a hare and a mortar and pestle.
3. Constellation of stars connected by straight lines.
5. Five clawed dragon.
6. Flowery fowls, two variegated pheasants.
7. Temple vessels, used in ancestral worship.
8. Aquatic grasses in sprays.
9. Fire in flaming scrolls.
10. Millet grains grouped in medallions.
11. Fu = axe or weapon of warrior.
12. Fu = symbol of distinction or happiness. Many times it was in the form of
a parade so the Chinese had very colorsful
elements. The use of fire is prevelant. Chinese Theatre symbolizes
their way of life. From happiness
to hardships. Chinese Day!!! May 23, 2010! All chinese art, skits, parades, everything! On the streets of Littlestown! We will be showing and teaching stories that have been taught from generation to generation.
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