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Halloween Scary Stories!

Creative writing assignment for Grade 6/7 students

James White

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Halloween Scary Stories!

Section 3
Section 2
In the style of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!
Some time later...with a change of setting, or time...
just when you thought everything was all sweet and rosey...and back to normal...
something small happens to make you think there COULD be a sequal!
A Powerful introduction hooks the reader and makes us want more!
Mary Shelley started her story with the exciting and mysterious ending, then flashes back to the beginning of Victor Frankenstein's story as a kid.
YOUR story should begin at the end too.
Set the scene with descriptions of the setting, the characters, the emotion, characters state of mind, etc.
YOUR story must be horror, suspense, excitement, spooky.
Begin with the "good old days"...happy times, different setting, place, time.
Introduce the characters, the setting, and the background to the plot.
Begin to show a problem with the main characters or some suspenseful incidents.
Frankenstein had many deaths in his family and this caused him internal grief, pain and suffering.
End this section with "the BIG problem"
In Frankenstein, the monster came alive!
Things go BAD!
Give all the details and build the plot as the spooky and scary story develops
Build the character's fear, emotional state, and trauma!
Make sure you create fear, horror, suspense
End this paragraph with a cliffhanger! Leave it so the reader can't put your story down!!
End your introduction with an exciting detail!
Section 4
End this paragraph with a cliffhanger!
This section is the MOST exciting part of the story...the CLIMAX!
Good vs Evil
most suspenseful!
Fear of death or scary ending!
charater development continues and reaches the peak of disaster!
YOUR story might have begun where this chapter is...
This section brings the answer to the problem from section 2.
This section ends with the idea that the problem is over...or so we think!
Writing a Scary Halloween Story!
is there a sequal??
Each section (introduction, sections 2, 3, 4, and the conclusion) MUST include:
ONE different hi-lighted "figure of speech"
the right GENRE (spooky horror, suspense)
character development
setting and plot details
connections to our class, peers, the school...(Marry Shelley wrote to scare her friends...you must too!)
descriptions, descriptions, descriptions...and MORE descriptions! Use the 5 senses to make the reader BE IN THE STORY!
Story Criteria!!
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