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Flipped Instruction

No description

Jenna Mauriello

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of Flipped Instruction

Flipped Instruction
Elementary Level

First of all...what is flipped instruction?
Most often-flipped instruction is seen in middle and high school.
What does a Flipped Video Lesson Look Like?
First of all, there are TONS of lesson examples already loaded on youtube, khan academy, teachertube...and a ton of other places too!!
Possible Benefits
What Does a 21st Century Student Look Like?
What is a Flipped Class?
What Is NOT...
Students watch lectures at home so there is more time for in class concept engagement.
The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction outside of class (mostly in video format) and moving "homework"/practice into the classroom.
However, with a few variations...the flipped model is working its way into the elementary setting with great results!
Second of all, it doesn't have to be tech savvy! It can be-but it is more important to incorporate a variety of teaching tools in the lecture.
Flipped Instruction Helps with Teaching Challenges!
FLIPPING speaks the language of today's students.

FLIPPING helps struggling students.

FLIPPING helps students of all abilities excel.
FLIPPING allows students to pause and rewind their teacher.
FLIPPING increases student-teacher interaction.
FLIPPING allows teachers to know their students better.

FLIPPING increases student-student interaction.

FLIPPING educates parents.

Flipped Elementary...from the STUDENT Perspective!
Curricular Issues?...
How Does Flipped Instruction help Students?
Make class time count and turn the traditional model on its head!

SPEAK the LANGUAGE of your students so they don't have to "unplug" when they come to school!
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