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US History Events

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Monica Craft

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of US History Events

US History Events
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Settlers of the new Connecticut River colony
The colony drafted a document in an open meeting which would be their modern constitution
Established a democratic regime controlled by the people, the citizens

King Philips War
New England
First organized attempt of the Indians to attack the colonist
Involved New England colonist and Indian King Philip with the New England Indians
Last of the Original
Colonies Established
Set up by the English Crown to serve as a buffer state that would protect the Carolinas against Spaniards from Florida and French from Louisiana
One of the least populous states containing deportees and convicts

French & Indian War
Involved the French, Indians, Americans, Britain, Prussia, Austria, Russia, and Spain
The war took place not only in America but also all over Europe including West Indies, Philippines, and on the ocean
The war initially began in America with both English and French settling in the Ohio River Valley
George Washington sent forces to the Ohio River Valley in order to free it from the French settling there
Boston Massacre
Boston Massachusetts
A clash between 60 townspeople and 10 red coats
Towns people angry over the death of a boy taunted the red coats provoking the red coats to open fire on them killing and wounding 11 citizens
Both side were somewhat blamed for shooting however out of the 10 red coats only two were found guilty of man slaughter
First Continental Congress
A response to the Intolerable Acts placed on the colonist
A meeting to readdress the colonial grievances
Involved twelve of thirteen colonies with 55 respected men including Samuel Adams, John Adams, George Washington, and Patrick Henry

Virginia off of the James River
First permanent English settlement in America led by young adventurer Captain John Smith
The settlement would of collapsed without the leadership of John Smith
The hungry for gold colonist were set straight in first surviving over searching for wealth by the rule, "He who shall not work shall not eat"

Freedom of Press
John Peter Zenger and the corrupt royal governor
New York
Involved Zenger, a newspaper printer who assailed and exposed the corrupt royal governor which arose the Zenger trial in New York
Zenger was charged with seditious libel but was defended by Alexander Hamilton
Zenger was then released as not guilty which was a achievement towards the freedom of press

Lexington & Concord
A British commander sent troops to Lexington and Concord where they were ordered to seize stores of colonial gunpowder and to bag the ringleaders John Hancock and Samuel Adams
8 Americans killed and several wounded
Start of the Revolution

Battle of Lexington & Concord
War of 1812
Missouri Compromise

1820 in Missouri
Involved the North and South with Congress concerning slavery
The North and South disputed on Missouri's acceptance as a slave state or free state
The South won Missouri's acceptance as a slave state while the North won concession of Congress to forbid slavery in remaining territories

Underground Railroad
Southern slave states to Canada
Both blacks and whites helped the southern slaves escape
Most Famous was Harriet Tubman, a runaway slave who rescued more than 300 slaves
This was a virtual freedom train that was a chain of "stations", anti-slavery homes with "passengers", runaway slaves, who were brought to free soil by the "conductors", black and white abolitionist.
Compromise of 1850
Concerning California in Congress
An agreement that allowed California to be in the Union with a very strict fugitive state law
California admitted as a free state
Southern Concession- the territories that would be New Mexico and Utah without restriction of slavery leading to popular sovereignty
Southern Concession- Texas receive 10$ from government for compensation
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Southern states
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Showed the reality of slavery
Eventually led to the Civil War
Harriet displeased with the Fugitive State Law took it on herself to show the North the wickedness of southern slavery and most importantly the splitting of families
Dred Scott Case
A slave who lived in the Illinois and Wisconsin Territory
Following the moment of his master to slave free soil fought for his freedom there
Dred Scott sued
Courts ruled he was not a citizen therefor could not sue
Slaves were property
The case canceled out the Missouri Compromise which was non constitutional
Lincoln Elected
Northern Republicans won with Lincoln
Minority President
60% of the people preferred other candidates
Following Lincoln's victory, the South split of from the union
Secession followed with more southern states
Antietam Creek, Maryland
During Civil War
Lincoln and the Northern Army held off European support for south
Union soldiers found a copy of the Confederate's battle plans
McClellan removed from duty for being to cautious
Gave Lincoln the ability to issue the Emancipation Proclamation
Battle of Antietam
13th Amendment
In America with the southern states back in the Union
Concerning slaves
Eight months after civil war ended states ratified the amendment.
Ultimate fall of slavery
States that slavery is prohibited in the United States.
Assassination of President Lincoln

Ford's Theater in Washington
Five days after victory Lincoln sat in his box and was shot by actor, John Wilkes Booth
Dramatic death erased the faults in Lincoln's career
Ex-Confederates cheered
Increased bitter in North because of speculation Jefferson Davis plotted the murder
Civil Rights Bill
Republicans upset at the vetoed bill extending Freedmen's Bureau struck back
Conferred American citizenship on blacks
Stuck the Black Codes
United States and Britain
Fought in America and part of Canada
No nationalism or burning passion in America
America ill prepared
War fought because of the foreign problems with France and England such as trade restrictions
Most Important #5
House of Burgesses
Self Government was born in Virginia by the Virginia Company with the House of Burgesses
The Virginia Company gave authorization for the settlers to begin an assembly known as the House of Burgesses
The first legislative assembly of elected representatives established in America
First meeting held in Jamestown, Virginia, on July 30, 1619
It is significant because it was the first of elected representative to be established in the New World and their own self government away from the Crown
Its more significant than the other events because it set the scale of the new government to follow in America which is highly important in a country
Also more significant because this meeting was the first of many elected representatives that would eventually follow for important future events such as peace and war

Articles Of Confederation
Most Important #4
In the new America written by a committee appointed by Congress
Right before declaring independence
A written constitution for the New World
Significant because crucial in the independence of America and being dependance from the Mother Country
More significant than other events because i was necessary for an effective government in the new nation
Helped America become what it is by strengthening the Union by starting with its independence, freedom, and government
Most Important #3
Bill of Rights
Written by James Madison
The Constitution was criticized for not providing individual rights therefor added the Bill of Rights
Kept safe most precious American principles such as freedom of speech,religion,press, right to bear arms, ect.
Significant because it protected the individual rights of Americans that they have in the New World
No government or other civil power could not deny a persons Bill of Rights
More significant than other events because it made America the nation it is now present day.
Helped shape America by the freedom individuals have to make their own decisions
Also put a well needed restraint on the government that we still have today
Most Important #2
Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln issued a document that freed all slaves in both the North and South
Moral fight for he fate of slavery in America
Anti-slavery Northerners now supported the union in war
Significant because it changed the ongoing purpose of the war
Also significant because slaves now fled toward the Union side which led up to the victory of the Union of freedom of slaves
Significant more than other events because it aided America in the true freedom that God intended America to have that now is ongoing today
Everyone to the present day has freedom no matter the color of skin
Most Important #1
Declaration of Independence
Written by Thomas Jefferson
Written in Philadelphia
Birth of United States
A declaration to cut the ties with the British
An official document that rallied resistance against their Mother Country
Stated that they were free by invoking peoples natural rights
Significant because it officially was a written stance against the Crown in England
Also made America more independent
More significant than any other event because it made America the nation it is today by setting the new nation free from captivity to be its own new country to grow
Helped America become the independent country it is now
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