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Excretory System Analogy

No description

Haley Hynes

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Excretory System Analogy

The Excretory System & Dams
Excretory System Analogy
Ureters & the Penstock
The ureters carry urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder, likewise the penstock is a pipeline that carries water to the turbine.
Ureters & the Penstock
Urinary Bladder & The Dam
The Urinary Bladder holds urine until it can be released from the body, likewise a dam holds back water until it can be released.
Urethra & the Tailraces
The urethra transports urine stored in the bladder outside the body, likewise the tailraces of a dam transport water out of the dam after being run through the turbines.
Urethra & the Tailraces
Kidneys & The Entire Dam
The Kidneys filters out wastes from the blood, regulate what is in the blood, and control blood pressure. Likewise a dam affects the water flowing through it. A dam affects the quality of water by changing the amount of oxygen and the temperature of the water.
by Haley Hynes
Kidneys & The Entire Dam
Urinary Bladder & The Dam
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