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how animals adapt to climate change?

All about The Galapagos Iguana, and other animals (not really)

Manogi Pilisi

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of how animals adapt to climate change?

How do animals adapt climate change? There is something in the air and its called CLIMATE CHANGE! What is climate change? Intro: By Manogi Pilisi Subject: The animal I have chosen to study is... GALAPAGOS MARINE IGUANA.
The Galapagos Iguana is important to my presentation because of how it adapts to
climate change... Marine Iguanas have been found to change their skeleton size to adapt to varying food conditions.
During an El Niño cycle it was reported that the Iguanas food diminished for two years and some Iguanas were found to have decreased their length by as much as 20%. El Nino is a type of weather pattern that occurs every
5-6years and is a band of unusually warm ocean temperatures and this can cause climate change. Climate change: Climate change is a big problem to the world...If
antarctica melted, Dominion Road would be flooded. It will kill entire
species of animal and could cover low lying islands Climate change is a significant and lasting change in weather patterns over periods of years. What would happen if an animal
went into another animal's climate? If an animal went into another animal's climate immediately, for example: a lion went to antarctica, it would freeze to death because it hadn't adapted to the freezing climate. How do animals adapt to climate change? Animals can be very adaptive to their environment. Because weather patterns change over a period of time, this gives the animals time to gradually adapt. Remember our Iguanas? They have adapted over time to be able to survive
their tough environment and the extreme weather patterns. How do animals survive climate change? Its simple - if an animal can't adapt to climate change, then they won't be able to survive. Why do animals adapt to climate change? Animals adapt to climate change slowly - they know that if they do not adapt, they will not survive.
Sometimes animals make simple changes, sometimes the changes are radical.
The marine Iguanas have adapted to water so they can reach their food; their jaws, mouths and teeth have changed so they can eat seaweed. The Galapagos Iguanas are the only Iguana that can swim under water. They can dive up to 9 meters and a nasal gland filters its blood for excess salt ingested while eating. Definition of El Nino Animals can adapt to climate change, but it takes a long time for them to make the necessary changes. If an extreme weather pattern occurs quickly, most animals won't be able to survive. LONG STORY SHORT.... they DIE! Conclusion My learnings from this presentation is that I understand more about climate change and how climate change effects animals.
Animals can and will adapt to climate change. By Manogi Pilisi Thank you for watching my prezi.... BYE!
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