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European Exploration

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of European Exploration

The Columbian Exchange
European Exploration, 1450-1600s
Compass, Gunpowder
Spices, Nice clothes
We want more!
You have to pay a tax
Ferdinand & Isabella
We want stuff & don't want to pay
Christopher Columbus
Maybe I can get to India faster if I went west?
If you give me money to go west I will...
We are also very Catholic
Spread Christianity
make you famous
Hey look Indians! They have stuff!
Effects of Columbian Exchange
90% of Native population died
Europe gets rich
New and better foods increases Europe's population
The trade of food, animals, and diseases between the Old World and the Americas
make you rich
Crusades brought new items to Europe
Europeans wanted more
Fastest way to get stuff was to go through the Ottoman Empire
Europeans had to pay tax
We don't want to
China stopped trading
Europeans had to travel to China to get goods
Portugal decided to go around Africa BUT it took a very long time
Time period when Europe traded with the world and made colonies
Treaty of Tordesillas - Pope divided world between Spain & Portugal
Spain - West
Portugal - East
Dias - first to go around Africa (P)
de Gama - first to India (P)
Columbus - first to land in the Caribbean (S)
Magellan - first to sail around world (S)
Cortes - took down Aztec Empire (S)
Pizarro - took down Inca Empire (S)

Henry the Navigator - opened navigation schools
Decided to go west to get to India
United Spain and wanted to increase power
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