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Triathlon training and racing tips

No description

Michelle Rosowsky

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Triathlon training and racing tips

Getting in key session
All conditions
S/B/R: long, fast, sustained tempo
Brick workouts/transition runs
Tri top/shorts
Aerobars (aerobottle)
Bento box
Race belt
Elastic ties on your running shoes
Bring your stuff in a backpack!
Race morning: wear warm layers, second pair of running shoes, timing chip
Triathlon Training & Racing Tips
Be prepared (training, weather, flat tires, arriving early, know the course)
Supremely organized
"I only have to go as fast as I want to go."
Nothing at stake; my family will love me just as much
Make a friend
Focus on joy and gratitude
"I get to do what I love and people will stop traffic for me and hand me food."
"I can't and
I have to."
Execution not outcome
Miles coming out behind
For every hard part there's an easy part.
"If it's hurting me...."
Every measure of nervousness and effort returns as satisfaction, pride, and JOY
Above all else, keep your head about you.
& Strong
Sports drink in aerobottle; water on frame
Carry vs. aid stations
Eat mostly on the bike
Gel, beans, chews (w/ caffeine)
Real food
Long distance: additional salt
Raise the ceiling and
push out the walls.
88 triathlons; 24th season
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