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The Trumpet of the Swan

No description

Laura Cody

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of The Trumpet of the Swan

By E.B. White
The Trumpet of the Swan
Made by Lauren Tyler
Sam Beaver, Mr. Beaver, Louie(the swan), Mrs. Hammerbotham, Serena(the swan)
There was a young trumpeter swan named Louis who had no voice.
Summary 1
Summary 3
One day, Louis' family moved away for
the Autumn season.

Summary 4
Louis saw Sam while he was flying
Summary 2
Sam Beaver visit Louis everyday ,sits on a log,and takes notes
Summary 5
Louis stopped by to see Sam. Sam remembered Louis so Sam took Louis to his house.
Summary 6
The next day, Sam took Louis to school.All the children and the teacher Mrs Hammerbotham were amazed when Louis spelled ''CATASTROPHE'' on the chalk board.
Summary 7
Since Louis couldn't trumpet, he carried a mini chalk board with a piece of chalk along with him.
Summary 8
Louis went to an orchestra.Since he was a Trumpeter swan,he took a trumpet and flew away.
Summary 9
Louis flew and flew until he bumped into a swan named Serena.He played his trumpet to her.And that night, they got married.
I recommend this for all ages
No one else could bring off,so marvelously well,that extraordinary blend of real wildlife and nature and utterly fantastic.
-Virginia Haviland
Beautiful details, the sweetness of relationships- poignant without this time being sad.
-Virginia Haviland
5 adjectives
intresting, crazy, sweet, amazing, exciting.
Very good book. A must read!!
-Lauren T.
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