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MaryJanesWorld [Shared]

No description

Prezitime Design

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of MaryJanesWorld [Shared]

Everything Hemp & Cannabis for the Whole Person

A Health & Wellness Club;Holistic Cannabis & Hemp Products for All
Mary Janes World
Cannabis: Branding Problems
Current 'typical' options pictured: Dispensaries to Recreational stores are similar - Other-side-of-the-tracks-seedy,dark, black & green; generally not friendly to female or AARP folks.
Lack of Product selection, standardized testing, marking, consistency;
Does this really reflect Health & Wellness?

Would your mother, sister, wife, you, a 'clean' nerdy college kid or even crotchety ol' Uncle feel comfortable there?
Mary Janes World;For The Rest of 'We The People'
Mary Jane's World is the antithesis of the existing shops. People need real choices. Some of the people portrayed live with pain every day. We see the benefits; epileptics to cancer patients, stress relief, wellness.

Wouldn't you agree that medicinal Cannabis & Hemp are really more in-line with vitamins, minerals and holistic living?

We need more and other choices; lives depend on it.
Self-reported Cannabis users; a growing multi-billion dollar market.
23 medical states and D.C., Israel to Uruguay,Can-ada growing worldwide.
Market Size & Usage
Female business owners with Master's degrees and healthcare experience; Project Managers; a Cannabis President & former Governor to Marketing chiefs and Real-world Retail Operations Experts = the right team & the right time.
Management Team
Real people, Real choices; Antithesis of the existing shops. Nobody is doing it 'right'! Multiple & growing product choices raise the standards in the industry; labeling to consistency, taste, dosage.
Small Franchised shops throughout a region; one larger company facility for wholesale production and a 'superstore.'
Mary Jane's World is a Health & Wellness company; We bring Quality, Prescribed-Cannabis, Hemp and ancillary lifestyle products comfortably to our 'mainstream' club members.
Solution: Product/Services
We make Money Three ways
of edible products to other quality medical cannabis access points;(kitchen currently contracted.)
sales of products at the stand-stores, online and at the regional facility; (We know the good/bad and have some exclusive contracts.)
unit fee and royalties thereafter as a percentage of store net earnings.

Current operations are now out of trunk, home and storage area; business conceived 2010, URL 2012.
ROI in-shop is expected within 3 months of opening.
We are seeking an initial $65K for the first small shop with $500K following to establish a regional facility and complete the Franchise process.
Why invest?
Be a part of the change. The Health & Wellness movement needs you. Cannabis must undergo a 'branding change' and we have the TEAM to do it. (Neither is anybody else doing it for the MAINSTREAM let alone 'Right!')
Cash returns, ROI time is realistic from the beginning compared to many longer ventures; existing products.
Little to no investor dilution, not seeking other rounds due to franchising model – risk born by franchisers.
Multiple Franchised small stands/shipping containers in parking lots throughout the growing medicinal states, territories and countries throughout the world; McDonald's Ray Kroc stated he was in the Real Estate and systems business. So are we.
Cannabis & Hemp are the ways 'In' for some people; Given the multi-billion dollar Health & Wellness business, Cannabis is simply an entry point; Walmart now has healthcare centers in-store. Doctors are retiring in numbers; people clamor for alternatives.
Future of the Start-up
ROI is expected starting within 3 months of operations at the small shop; own only paper outside of initial small shops, regional facility.
We do not intend to be traded on the stock markets at this time. Nor do we necessarily seek to be bought if the vision of patients isn't maintained; 55% of larger corp better than 98% of small company or roadkill.
However - Amazon, Alibaba, Costco, Starbuck's or a large healthcare network may try to do so.
S. Rowan Wilson, MBA
Office: Surge Tacoma, WA
Contact Info
How are you willing to help make a change in the cannabis movement with Mary Janes World; Money to contacts, sweat equity to equipment, lobbying to sharing this info? (The Rocket is launching; $200M CO Taxes collected, $30M WA in recreational Cannabis so far...)

P.S. Follow us on Twitter @CanChieftess and like us on Facebook.com/MaryJanesWorld
Next Steps
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