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The History of Animation

No description

Cheyenne Walden

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The History of Animation

The History of
Animation By; Cheyenne Walden
Per 7th Persistence of Vision Video Games Is when an image stays in your brain for a small amount of time, after the object has been taken from view. It was first noted by Peter Mark Roget in 1824. Even though Roget's explanation of the illusion was probably wrong, his opion of the illusion of motion was probably an important point in the history of film, and probably influenced the development of the.... In 1914 Winsor McCay created a cartoon called Gertie, The Trained Dinosaur, whic had 10,000 drawn images!
And 1919 the first cartoon series was created by patrick sullivan called Felix the cat. In 1961 Disney releases 101 Dalmatians using the Xerography Process, replacing hand inking
1982 Disney 's Tron film marks a milestone in animation thruough tt's use of CGI animation.
In 1988 the film Who framed Rogger Rabbit was produced , this film both contained live actors and animated characters.
1991 Disney "Beauty and the beast" Becomes the first animated feature to be nominated for the Academy Award as Best Picture.
1995 Pixar's Toy story is the first computer 3D CG animated feature released .
2001 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Japanese-American computer animated science fiction film directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy seriesI t was the first photorealistic computer animated feature film and also holds the record for the most expensive video game-inspired film ever made!
But animated movies are not just the only part of the evolution of animation Video games are also too! 1958- The first Video Game ever created was called Tennis for two it was developed in 1958 by William Higinbotham on a Donner Model 30 analog computer. It simulates a game of tennis.
1972 Pong was created by Nolan Vushnell and Al Alcom of Atari
1978 Space Incaders descends on Japan and then within a year 60,000 space invader machines ar in the U.S
1980 Namco's Toru Iwatani Creates Pac-Man. That year a version of pac-man for atari becomes the first arcade hit to appear on a home console.
1981 Mario first debuted as "Jumpman" in the arcade game of Donkey Kong .
1985 the Nintendo entertain ment system is created.
1989 Nintendo's Game Boy popularizes handheld gaming but was not the first handheld.
1991Sega creates Sonic the hedgehog is created for Genesis.
1993 Concern about bloodshed in games like mortal kombat prompts the creation of a video game rating system.
1996 lara croft debuts as the star of Eidos adventure game tomb raider.
1998 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Comes out
On ward to the present- Now a days we see realistic animations with super high quality graphics that seem so real that we would be able to see it in every day life. But how did we achieve this amazing technology we have now? Well I'll tell you.... Thaumatrope The Phenakistoscope and the Zoetrope It was invented by John Ayrton Paris in 1826 to show the persistence of vision. Where when the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two images on the cards will appear to combine into one image. Was invented by Dr. Roget, and improved by Joseph Platue in 1832 . When the discs are rotated together they create the illusion of motion. It's a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid sequence of still pictures. It was invented in 1834 by William Horner and was based on the phenakistoscope. In 1906 the first animated film was created and called Humorous Phases of Funny Faces By J.Stuart Blackton. Where he used the technique of stop motion on a black board to create the images. In 1928 the first animation with synchronized sound was created by Walt Disney it was called Steamboat Willie. 1909-1937 In 1937 Walt Disney produces the the first full length feature film to have 3-strip technicolor and speech,called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Present Day films ! Isn't it crazy how we went from something so simple in appearance to things that are so realistic looking you would think they were real! The End. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario#1981.E2.80.931990
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