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Compare & Contrast Fascism, Communism, & Nazism


Derrick Allen-Cauthen

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Compare & Contrast Fascism, Communism, & Nazism

Fascism Nation is greater than the individual Individualism makes nations weak A strong central government led by dictator needs to impose order on society Expanding nation's territory + building up military = Great Nation Anti-communist Mussolini (Fascist Party) offered:
1) protection of private property
2) protection of middle class
3) keep working class fully employed
4) offered social security Italy also feels effects of Great Depression Communism The Bolshevik Party, led by Vladimir Lenin,
established Communist governments throughout
Russian Empire Communism institutes one-party rule Communism suppresses individual liberties Communist leaders will punish those
who oppose them After, Vladimir Lenin dies,
Joseph Stalin emerges as new
Soviet dictator Under Stalin, 8 to 10 million Russians were killed for opposing communism Nazism Adolf Hitler was anti-communist and nationalistic Admired Mussolini Fought in WWI, and wasn't pleased that Germany was forced to surrender and German government signed the Versailles Treaty Tried to win local office and then
march to Berlin to seize power for himself his attempt failed and he was arrested, while in
jail, he wrote his autobiography Mein Kampf In the book,
1) he wanted unification for all
Germans under one government
2) wanted all blond-haired, blue-eyed Germans
belonged to the Aryan race (Master race)
3) wanted to expand Germany east into Poland
and Russia
4) Blamed Jews for most of the world's problems
and for Germany losing WWI
German leaders helped Hitler
rise to power because they thought
they could control him After he becomes President, he begins to rebuild Germany's army, a direct violation of Versailles Treaty
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