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Top 5 Canadian Brands on a Global Scale

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Shelby Mann

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Top 5 Canadian Brands on a Global Scale

Top 5 Canadian Brands that Operate on a Global Scale While there are always lessons to be learned for Canadian
businesses on investing in and managing their brands for value
creation, there are many great Canadian businesses that have profited extremely well in 2006. Five of Canada's top brands that operate
on a global scale are:
TD Canada Trust
Shoppers Drug Mart
Tim Hortons
Molson TD Canada Trust is also known as the TD Bank Financial Group. "banking can be this comfortable" TD Canada Trust is a large banking institution but has managed to seperate itself as a competitor. They were the first bank to introduce a marketing message about comfort. This was a bold move for Canada Trust but was proved to increase the number of people switching to their bank and customers remaining loyal. People want to know their money is in safe hands, and in fact "be comfortable" with the bank they are with. However, there is evidence that the brand will need to be updated now that competitors are playing off TD Canada Trust's marketing techniques. TD Canada Trust is a Canadian born institution and currently ranks as the 2nd business that operates on a global level in Canada with high profits and market share as of 2006. Bell is also known as the Bell Canada Enterprises. "today just got bettER" Bell has had some trouble in the past with consumer satisfaction. However, now there are more and more encouraging signs that Bell has got it together. Bell Canada has become more focused on marketing to satisfy their customers' experience to make it easier and more enjoyable. There is a long way to go for Bell on examining every single aspect of their enormous company, but they are getting there and customers are realizing that. Bell Canada Enterprises is a telecom company that provides service for the general public. They work hard to compete against the many wholey Canadian and non-Canadian firms. Bell has been ranked as the 4th business in Canada that operates on a global level in 2006 with high profits, consumers, and market share. Shoppers Drug Mart is also known as Shoppers Drug Mart Incorporated. "your life story" Shoppers Drug Mart is a Canadian retail business that specializes in pharmacuticals. They have a unique layout to the store and products that no other retail store can replicate, and it is always changing. Shoppers unique layout consists of being many different stores all in one. Entry draws the consumer through the beauty and personal maintenance section to the fundamental life section and ends with a growing food and staples section. Shoppers Drug Mart also gives a background image that consumers need to go through the whole store to get to the pharmaceutical counter. This is a good marketing technique so consumers may pick up something while getting their drugs/perscription. Tim Hortons is also known as
the TDL Group Corporation. "Always Fresh. Always." Tim Hortons is a restaurant business that specializes in the coffee and donut appeal but breakfeast and lunch items as well. They are open 24/7 and are an extremely popular restaurant chain across Canada. It enjoys far better market penetration than Starbucks. When compared against 2006 Census data, Starbucks has an average of one store per 37,000 people in the US, while Tim Hortons has an impressive one store per 12,000 in Canada. This penetration has helped Tim Hortons to essentially eliminate competition in Canada. Tim Hortons is one of the most popular Canadian born restaurants and is still growing and expanding. It ranked 6th overall as a Canadian business operating on a global scale in 2006. They do not only have a high profit margin, but are great in consumer satisfaction and initiative as a business. Molson is also known as Molson Canadian. “I am Canadian” Molson is known as a beverage company for selling great Canadian beer. They are largely recognized as being patriotic and loyal to Canada. There are many beer companies out there, but few Canadian ones. Canadians’ passion for their beer brands has been in decline for some time. Loss of innovation, complacency, pricing, and other issues have caused consumers to experiment and patronize the many alternatives that exist. However, Molson has to be attributed to the equity and goodwill that has been built up over a century of supplying beer and ale from coast to coast even with all the difficult competition. Despite the odds, Molson Canada is still on Canada’s Charts of businesses operating on a global scale with great market outcomes. Molson is currently in 11th place as of 2006. TD Canada Trust, Bell Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons, and Molson Canadian are all very large and successful companies in Canada. With the global economy growing, these businesses have learned to grow with it. Shoppers Drug Mart is a great Canadian retail business that operates on a global scale, in 2006 they ranked 5th overall for profit, consumer satisfaction, and market share. If You Have Any Questions Email:

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