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Technological Convergence #reigatemedia

Proliferation of hardware

Sarah Holloway

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Technological Convergence #reigatemedia

proliferation of hardware
The development and growth of technologies has
exploded in the last 20 years. We are moving at a faster rate of expansion of gadgetry due to technology than ever before!
Devices are shrinking in size
yet expanding in capabilies
From 1980's
..to 2000's
3.2 mega pixel camera
with 3x optical zoom
20x digital zoom and flash
DVD-like video capture
with Mpeg-4 format
320x240 pixels
262,144 colours
2.4" display
direct TV out connectivity
visual radio
2GB SD card storage
infrared / bluetooth
3G, EDGE, Gsm internet
and full web-browser
UPnp (universal plug and play)
for connectivity & gaming
mobile phone
phone calls
watch videos
play games
surf the web
film videos
listen to music
portable media player
watch TV
mp3 music
mp4 video
play games
Apple's ipod -not just an mp3 player!
personalise your gadget
with all the latest trends
numerous docks ,and speakers to suit your
taste -weird and wacky as well as practical
First generation ipod released 2001
the first phonograph was invented in 1877...
..since then the way we listen to music has changed dramatically over the years..
vinyl records played
on a gramophone
tapes played on
a cassette player
CDs played on
a portable cd player
mp3 -digital technology
Music player
Game Console
Video camera
The way in which we watch films and other
programmes has changed dramatically over the years
Television screen size is important - screens vary from tiny hand held to large flat LCD or plasma screens
television has now become
a home cinema experience
digital tv now with thousands of channels available on satellite, cable, and freeview
24 hours a day
and options to record and watch films
and programmes on DVD or Blu-ray
built in dvd, blu-ray
portable devices
technological convergence
Graphics have come along way
since the early games consoles (pictured1976)
Today handheld devices provide on the move
gaming experience whilst connecting to other
players on line
Games console
watch dvd/blu-ray
listen to music
wireless fun
an all round gaming experience
play on-line
across the world
Interactive 3-D world
microsoft's 7th generation X-box 360
Nintendo Wii (2006)
sony playstation 3
In 1954 RAND corporation build a model of what
they anticipated the personal computer to look like
in 2004
The Sinclair ZX81 and zx spectrum
was one of the first pcs released
in the 1980's with basic gaming and html
In competition Ibm also released
their first home computer in 1981
over recent years pcs have developed
at an increasing rate with exceptional
quality, speed, and ability
an essential part of everyday life
floppy disc drive
listen to music
watch film
or television
play games
and connecting
with other gamers
across the globe
save it and transfer it
Internet and email
connect and transfer all
your documents and photos
Join up around the world
pcs practical
and personal
super 16mm film
35mm film
Digital cameras
3-d camera
Today everyone
can be a film-maker
photography and filming is now accessible
to many -professionals and amateurs alike
jib /crane
dolly / track
equipment is expensive
but there are affordable
options now available
camera lenses
super wide lens
3-d player
HDV discs can hold over 250 films
film, disc, tape, or hard drive
first photography was in the 1800s
so what for the future?...
Project Natal -revolutionary new Xbox
so what's new?....
3-D TV and motion sensor
...the ability to access two or more forms of media on just one piece of hardware
proliferation of hardware = the sudden increase of products on which you can use media
(watch / listen / play)
( films / tv / music / games etc..)
now in HD
(High Definition)
Nintendo DS / DSi
....now on HD (High Definiton) and imax (70mm film)
Technological Convergence =
media player - just for music?
Compare the first cellular mobile to today's handsets:
large & heavy
make phone calls only
tiny screen for numbers (no text / images)
aerial protudes from the top
no sms / no internet / no music
Motorola DynaTAC - first handheld mobile in 1983
capabilities like never before .....
..now just about everybody in Britain owns at least one!

..what can you do with your mobile?
and 3D - with TV on demand
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