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Sarah - Music Portfolio

You can use this as a template if you like

Sarah Hayden

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Sarah - Music Portfolio

Course Leader
Music Lecturer
Events Promoter
Project Manager
Youth Music Worker
Guitarist Sarah Hayden
Music Portfolio CV Events Promotion https://soundcloud.com/#gayden/prometheus-14th-may-2012 Compositions Voluntary - Drivefire (brief description of roles

Covers bands - Gigs, details of band.

Gig organisation - Venue, bands booked

Other experience

Experience (Jobs) Music Performance
Session Styles
Music Industry
Events Management
Music in Society
Music Theory
Sound for Moving Image
Concert Production
Units Venue
Capacity Gig History Youth Music Session
All ages shows
200 Metal, Punk, Hardcore shows
College Performances Sound for moving image Covers Originals Other/Solo Bounce tracksto MP3 in Logic
Setup soundcloud account.
Upload songs
Post link on prezi Key Skills Proficient in logic, programming and recording
Events Management
Marketing & Promotion
Music theory grade...
PA and stage setup
Backline setup
https://soundcloud.com/#gayden/dead-echo-987-2012 https://soundcloud.com/#gayden/things https://soundcloud.com/#gayden/dead-sea-scrolls-loki Metal Alternative Rock/Progressive
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