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Dream College

No description

Amber Sky

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Dream College

Name of college:
La, California
Dream College
I don't want to go to college but who would I guess
Location of college:
What the college is known for?

Why you like the college?
Why you would want to go there?
What you would go there for?
Some of the history of the college
How long would you need to attend your college?
American Film Institute
It is known to be the 3rd best film school in the U.S.A
To learn how to make movies and videos that don't suck and I want to learn how to take good pictures because it's fun
I want go do there because It's in California and what your grades are in high school don't matter
you don't have to be smart to go there or have good grades
In DC, AFI made it's first documentary film festival in 1999, now known as AFI DOCS. In 2012 it became the 5th best film school in the U.S.A
How much does it cost to attend your college?
How do you plan to pay for attending your college?
Well I'll try to pay with big macs but if that doesn't work I'll use money. If your asking how I'm going to get that money then I would work at some fast food place or do drawings for people and sell them.
As long as I need to. If it takes to much time up I won't be in it even for a year. And I mean if it takes up time but if fun I'll stay. I need at least 6 or more hours a day to do nothing.
The website said it depends on the person pretty much so I don't really know...
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