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What are Dreams and Why do we Have Them?

My IRT prezi

Alyssa Jarjoura

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of What are Dreams and Why do we Have Them?

By Alyssa Jarjoura :) What are Dreams and Why do we Have Them? Information Report :) Narrative :) Book Review :) <3 My novel THE BFG
by Roald Dahl (: Journal Entries Sleep Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 REM sleep Stage 1 Fine Arts BLURB FOR FINE ARTS
Alyssa Jarjoura
For my fine arts I decided to make an iMovie about dreams. It’s all about the reactions between nightmares and good dreams. I got Sapphire to be a young French child. Sapphire’s the lucky one as she gets to have a good dream; she gets to have an adorable puppy, jewelery and other great things. At the same time there is Alannah as the boy with the nightmare. He loses his friends, he gets hit by an aeroplane and he gets kidnapped. During the filming I had some problems with how I made my iMovie. At first my ideas were creative but as I got along with the filming I lost a lot of my creativity.
I used the program iMovie, iMovie was a great challenge, I already knew the basics of iMovie but I had a class at the Mac Store in the city to make my skills more advanced. This helped a lot. I definitely learnt a lot from the course and I love using iMovie in my spare time now. Food affecting dreams Why do we Dream? Animals dreaming Blind people dreaming... QUESTIONS?!?! Thanks for watching!!! bye! I'd like to ask you guys some questions(: I finished all my IRT work! All I have to do now is present and add a few things to my prezi! Right now I feel tired and proud because of the work I've completed. I've defiantly been more organized and better with my school work. In the holidays I'm going to have a big rest for the term to come. So far I've been trying to figure out if I want to have dreams or pop art as a subject, but because dreams is already taken
I think I should have pop art as a topic.
At the moment i think that IRT will be a real challenge, and also getting the information might be challenging.
What I'm worried about is not finishing my work in time and finding information. LAST JOURNAL ENTRY FIRST JOURNAL ENTRY A dream could save your life!
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