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Kaylin Jorgensen

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of sources

Lymphogranuloma venereum is a contagious venereal disease caused by various strains of Chlamydia that is marked by painful swelling and inflamation of the lymph nodes especially in the region of the groin
What Gender Is More Likely To Get It?
Males are more likely to get Lymphogranuloma venereum than women. The reason for that is because This desease is usually formed from male on male intercourse.
Primary LGV
- Seen in about 1/3 of infected men.
- Occurs 3 days to 3 weeks after exposure.
- Appears in a shallow erection.
- When it appears in women it affects the posterior vaginal wall and the lip of the cervix.
Lymphogranuloma venereum
Kaylin Jorgensen, Tyshelle Summers
How Is It Spread?
There are many ways that this desease can spread such as:
- Unprotected sexual intercourse
- Receptive anal intercourse
- Insertive oral intercourse
- Sexual contact of any endemic areas
- Prostitution
- Having multiple partners
- Anal enema use
What Is It?
Secondary LGV
- Usually happens 10-30 days after exposure.
*but many can take up to several months*
- Boboes form in the drainage of the reginal lymph
- There are symptoms of nausea, fever, headaches, vomiting, serious illness.

Boboes : Grossly enlarged tender nodes.
Doxycycline: you would have to take it twice daily for 21 days (100 mg)

Surgery might have to take place depending on how serious it is.
Surgical Therapy
Tertiary LGV
-This can occur up to 20 years after infection.
- People or patients that are experiencing this disease may complain of itching, bloody anal discharge, rectal pain, and constipation with minor weight loss.
- Ethiomene

*Ethiomene: An "eating away" of the genetalia, the vulva will enlarge and will become painful.
- Buboes have to be drained to relieve symptoms.
- People with advanced complications may need to have many incisions to drain what is in it.
How To Prevent This Disease!
- Awareness of the disease and your partner.
- Safe Sex.
-Have regular check ups.
Places To Go If Needed
Almost every clinic can help you with the treatment of the disease.
Some people may need more attention depending on the level of disease.
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