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Yearbook Theme Presentation

No description

Hamna Hasan

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Yearbook Theme Presentation

Hamna Hasan
Thomas Connolly
Jackie Whitus
Emily Eveland amazing theme presentation How are Dragons Made? Cover End Sheets Opening Spread Design Spreads Student Life Sports Academics People Clubs Develop a theme Create an outside ~Dragons are filled with talent, hard work and compassion
~Three most important things-dedication, motivation, pride
~Holds appeal for the community because it shows the behind-the-scenes of what goes into making and acting like a dragon
~By putting together the tips and ideas of the entire student body we can unite into an invincible team ~Simple cover resembling a recipe
~Largest element-title effectively introduces the theme
~Photos-convey what dragons are all about
~Introduces "dedication," "motivation" and "pride" as three main text elements
~Fonts-High Tower Text, Catholic School Girls and TW Cen MT
~Texture-sleek feel and embossed title ~Corresponds with the same fonts
~Provides a theme explanation for students
~Displays a variety of photos that capture key Dragon moments ~Fonts-High Tower Text for headline, Catholic School Girls for subheadlines and TW Cen MT for page numbers
~Three color blocks indicate section colors
~Plain background leaves much room for student signatures
~Back end sheet is completely plain Establish organization, design and fonts Organization ~Division by grades-Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
~Each grade section will include Student Life, Academic and People pages
~Separate sections for Sports and Clubs and Organization
~Unused idea that brings uniqueness to the Lake Orion yearbook Design ~Spreads contain a variety of pictures with mini stories
~Captions included in mini story
~The mini story-more accessible and relatable for students and allows for writers to add more personal depth
~Helps to spread out text and photos on a spread
~This design gives our spreads a "how to" look
~Lines on each page correspond to the color assigned to that section
~Fonts are used consistently
~Each spread ties in one of our three main words-dedication, motivation or pride
~Folio contains section, spread, page and credits Fonts ~We have used three fonts that consistently appear throughout our book: High Tower Text, Catholic School Girls and TW Cen MT
~Each font is casual, easy and fun, allowing for a handbook look
~High Tower Text-headline font
~Catholic School Girls-subheadline font
~ TW Cen MT-copy font
~All of these fonts are repeated on each of our pages Student Life Spread Ideas ~School statistics
~Summer break
~Christmas break, winter break and spring break
~Spotlight event ~Mini stories
~No caption block
~Same fonts
~Section color
~Color blocks by MOD
~"How to" MOD
~"For more Style..." Story Angle: Style (Freshmen) Spread Design ~Dominant-how style is used as expression
~One column-fashion rules
~One column-tattoos/piercings
~One column-accessories
~MOD-how to put together a nice dress up outfit Design ~Basic design is consistent with previous spread
~Different color
~Color blocks by headline
~Consistent fonts
~"VS." MOD Story Angle: ACT (Juniors) ~Dominant-ACT Prep class
~Other sections-English, Math, Reading and Science
~MOD-differences between the ACT and the SAT Design ~Photos in the middle
~Names on the side
~Color blocks by MOD title
~Different color
~Consistent fonts
~"Checklist" MOD
~"Tips" MOD ~MOD-checklist for senior events
~MOD-tips by senior students Design MOD Ideas (Seniors) ~Consistent design
~Numbered stories
~Different color
~Color blocks by MOD
~Same fonts
~"COB" MOD Story Angle: Football ~Steps for how to have a great season
~Team unity,
~Play hard
~MOD-how to throw a football~Consistent design Design ~Consistent design with mini stories and no captions
~Subheadline quote for each story
~Consistent fonts
~Different color
~Color blocks by headline
~"Step by Step" MOD Story Angle: NHS ~Each story about one activity
~Tells what to do to make a difference in the community
~MOD-Process for applying to NHS Thank you for watching and we hope you liked it!! Recap Theme ~Theme-how to guide for Dragons
~Behind-the-scenes and step by step coverage
~Organization-grades, Sports and Clubs
~Mini stories-more depth
~Fonts-High Tower Text, Catholic School Girls and TW Cen MT HOW TO MAKE AN
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