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Procedural Writimg

How to get ready to go fishing

Steven Robinson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Procedural Writimg

Gettin' ready to go fishin' Oh yeah and how to go fishin' For all you city folk that are clueless about the country follow these simple steps to get ready to go and go fishin'
Wow did you see that that thing was creepy you might need a... -Fishing pole
-Tacle box
(Optional things)
-Fish scale
-Fillet knife
-Cutting board
and a cooler Now thats the... Steps Step1: attach the reel to the pole. Step 2 feed the line through the reel and the eyes of the fishing pole Step 3:Tie a hook or lure to the end of the line (you may want to add weights or bobbers).For beginners I suggest you use bobbers Step 4:Flip the bail Located here Step5:hold on to the line with your finger Step6:Swing the rod forward and let go of the line Evaluation If done correctly your line should be in the water and you are going fishing Interesting stuff There many different lure s for example here are some flies. These guys didnt follow my instructions This guy did Thank you and catch a big one
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