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Building Experience

by Boost Management.

Sander den Heijer

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Building Experience

Super charged work plans for everybody.
Building Experience brings each task of each location together in one place. Each to-do item on the workplan is powered by Sealed Air, Diversey Care. All relevant mini guides and method cards are just one click away.
Create tasks and assign them to people.
Building Experience allows you to compose tasks, schedule people and set priorities when fewer people are available.
How well you are doing? Improve and optimize.
Check the total cleaning- and hygiene process on the fly. Use your favorite device. It just works.
All your locations and contacts in one place.
No matter how many locations you have, or how many people work there, Building Experience keeps it organized.
Present a professional and organized approach.
Share building plans and up-to-date inventory and workplans with your customers.
All relevant information is available here.
Building Experience is the best way to manage relevant details, per location, per subject and make decisions. Add documents. Building Experience keep everything together.
Service providers
End users
Let's work together on quality.
Building Experience helps you wrangle people with different roles, responsibilities, and objectives toward a common goal: Optimize for happiness, with just a little help from
Boost Management.

Enables you to deliver efficient, cost-saving solutions that improves performance, processes and profitability, enhance sustainability, increase efficiency.
Highly recommended.
Companies switch to Building Experience because it is just too easy to use. Reliable and 'it just works' ™. Combine that with our best-in-the-biz customer service, and you have a unique combination of knowledge and solution.
Quickly and easily enter a new site. From inventory to estimates. Compile and schedule tasks, monitor quality, interact through a logbook.
Create inventory while walking through a building.

Use a mobile device to make room type templates on the fly.

Add / or remove objects, change frequencies.
Assign products or choose from defaults later.
Use the template to assign to other similar spaces.
Convert from digital drawings or building plans

Our best-in-the-biz customer service can help to proces autocad drawings or building plans to easy to handle formats like excel.
Use our import tool
Add sites and spaces all at once. Just copy and paste.
Assign default
room type templates
Reuse customized templates across locations.
Assign chemicals by type and application area...
And the first draft of your calculation is ready!
Calculation is the hart of all the key figures.
For example:
a list of all the specialist work on a site is
just one click away.
Share information with
clients using the logbook.
Share documents.
Boost Management - The Hague - Netherlands - info@boostmanagement.nl
Assign workdays
Register operations.
Mini guides
Mini guides are product-specific work instructions. Available in all languages. Pull up a mini guide by selecting a product in the work plan.
Method cards
Method cards are method-specific work instructions without text, only icons. Pull up the method card by selecting a method in the work plan.
In the method library all guides and cards are maintained. Generic cards and even specific cards per region, country, key account or per site.
Compose tasks
Assign people
Drag and drop
Assign workers to the tasks. Optionally assign holiday workers by default. The standard roster is the default for every upcoming week. You can track the actual attendance in the week roster.
Monitor performance based on ISO-EN 13549.
Flag important issues to follow up through the logbook.
More and more clients, suppliers and professional cleaning companies work with us on facility management and quality. Do you need help with a project and/or temporary in need of an experienced expert? Read more about how we can help you on our website or contact us directly.

Boost Management - The Hague - Netherlands - info@boostmanagement.nl
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