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Writing in a Media-Obsessed World

No description

Justin Daugherty

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Writing in a Media-Obsessed World

Writing in a Media-Obsessed World
Writing As Performance, as Song
In a world of tech-savvy, social media-obsessed citizens, writing in social media is an extension of self.
--Writing in social media as the performance of one's personality
--Writing as a call for connection
--Writing as voice, as the singing of song
Micro-blogging and Connectivity
--Tweets as ways to understand the world, to find out about what we do not know
--At its heart, Twitter is about connection
--not simply self-promotion or comedy or an act of narcissism
--Tweeting as micro-essay, as the telling of narrative
Writing in Vulnerable Space
Open, always-accessible space & vulnerability - the calling-back of writing
--Writing as an exercise in knowing yourself
--The act of writing as performance of that discovery
--What do I learn about who I am through writing?
--What does my performance of myself online speak to those receiving my words?
Writing as obsession, obsession as performance
In a media-obsessed world, we are always writing
Always tweeting
Always updating
Always Instagramming
Always Snapchating
Always engaged with media
Micro-blogging in search of others
Finding out what we want to know, finding out who we want to become
--Tweeting as exploration, as map
--Tweeting as the movement through ideas and spaces
--Tweeting as reflection, an always present ghost of ourselves
Writing to Bleed
Writing should connect us, but only if we are truthful
Only if we admit that we know nothing
Only if we are aware of the act of writing as movement towards connection
Only when we are able to find in our writing something we did not know before we wrote
Only when we are able to assume that we understand nothing, and that's why we write.
Writing as the endless performance of self

Writing, always, as essay and story

Writing as an act of vulnerability
Let me tell you a story.
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