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Book Report: Lush By Natasha Friend

No description

Kaleine Brennan

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: Lush By Natasha Friend

By Natasha Friend LUSH Characters Main: Samantha Gwynne (Sam) is a 13 year old girl who's
life is completely turned around after her dad starts
Regular: Luke Gwynne (4 year old little brother); AJK
(A person Sam starts writing letters to but she
doesnt know exactly who it is); Vanessa, Angie,
and Tracie (Sam's best friends); Charlie Parker
(Sam's neighbor who she used to be best friends
with); Mom (Crazy, Yoga freak); Dad
(A really bad Alcoholic) Settings 1) Sam's House is where most of the story takes place.
Its mostly where she sees her dad drunk. Its also
where her dad starts beating her and her family.
2) The library is where Sam goes after she gets sick and tired of her family. Its where she meets AJK and she gives him notes.
3) School is where Sam is embarrassed by her friends and where they turn on her. They get mad and they argue with her.
Conflict Man Vs. Self: Sam is constantly arguing with herself about how horrible her life is and how it would be so much better if she had a different family.

Man Vs. Man: Sam is always yelling at her mom who always believes her dad when he says he will stop drinking. Sam knows he wont and she doesnt like that her mom always has hope in him. Sam also is always fighting with her dad over his drinking problem. She always tells him how she never believes him and that he is a horrible person and other things to make him feel bad.
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