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Introduction to engineering/ design where students will build a tower from balsa wood and test the efficiency of the tower.

Jeremy Dimpfl

on 5 November 2018

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Transcript of Engineering/Design

-Tower Construction-
Specifications and Tips
What went well?
Looking back, what would I do different?
Did my tower perform as expected?
Stick Cutter
Wax Paper
Pin Board
Straight Pins
21' 1/8"x1/8" Balsa Wood
Graph Paper
Clothes Pins
Elmer's Wood Glue
What we give you:
The Rules:
Height of tower is 7" min. and 12" max.
Top of the tower must be 1" min. to 3-1/2"max.
A hole in the center of the top at least 1"x1"
Width of base is 2"x2" min. and 3-1/2""x3-1/2"" max.
The tower sides are not to extend beyond the vertical edges of the tower base.
Lamination of more than two pieces with the grain running parallel is not allowed.
The tower has completed testing when:
The test block has moved 2"or more.
One or more sides separate from the tower base.
The tower separates from the test blocks.
The tower will be weighed before testing.
An increasing load will be applied with a jack and scale until the tower fails.
The failure rate will be recorded.
The efficiency will be determined by the following formula.
Efficiency= Failure weight x 454(g/lb)
Weight of Structure in grams
Grading Scale by Efficiency
A-5501 and up
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