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Water Jet by group 1

No description

awais ali

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Water Jet by group 1

No heat generated structural changes
No formation of Heat Affected Zone
No work hardening
Cut materials without melting
High Precision - Precise parts with tolerances as close as +/- 0.1mm (profile) +/- 0.01mm (feature) position
Multidimensional processing
Quick to reproduce
No waste materials WATERJET CUTTING By Sukhdit, Faraz, Awais, Priash, Hatim and Salman Introduction Process Applications Advantages A processing method which produces precise shapes using water at high pressure and velocity
Can cut into metal and other materials (e.g. granite)
Inspired by nature - Additives assist process
- Suspended grit or other abrasives e.g. garnet, aluminium oxide
- Distance from nozzle from materials affects size of kerf and removal rate of material
- Average distance: 3.175 mm
- Nozzles made of sintered Boride. Used in nearly all industries
Recent advances 5 – axis cutting Discovery Disadvantages Industry Cannot cut (Below):
Tempered glass
Some ceramics Can cut (below):
Metals Conclusion In
Dentistry In
Automotive Waterjet cutting technology is the fastest growing machine tool process due to its versatility and ease of operation. It complements other technologies such as laser & plasma cutting, milling, machining and routing and can be used by individuals or other engineering companies as an additional service. 5x FASTER Early inventions Water jet era High pressure water pump
- Water ejected through nozzle and cuts through material
- By spraying material with jet of high speed water at high pressure
- 30,000 – 90,000 psi Thank you for listening Tapering/
Stream lag Limited materials Expensive Other methods Thanks you for listening Compare the meerkat Thank you for listening
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