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Justin Bieber

No description

Beeccy Bieber

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber his favourite colour is purple He is 16 years old born 1st of March! He has 2 albums already,
my world 1.0 and
my world 2.0 he was born in stratford, ontario, canada he makes girls all over the world fall in love with him he taught himself how to the play the guitar, trumpet, drums and piano he began his career by posting videos on you tube under the username kidrauhl his first video 3 years ago was so sick scooter braun found him on you tube and later became his manager usher and justin timberlake also spotted bieber, and it was rumoured they fighted to sign him first. But ofcorse Usher won his first single one time was released july 2009 and was in the top thirty in over 10 countries it also went platnum in canada and the US and gold in Australia and New Zealand 3 consecutive singles, one less lonely girl, love me and favourite girl were realesed on itunes and all charted with in the top 40 of the U.S bilboard top 100 he has amazing dance moves he is smart Justin was the first person ever to have seven singles in the billboard hot 100 chart he may be famous, but he still hangs round with his friends from canada, chaz and ryan, and also has christian beadles NOW FOR SOME BIEBER FACTS!! his parents names are pattie and jeremy, they split up when justin was little his shoe size is seven and a half his favourite food is spaghetti that his gran makes his favourite candy is sour patch kids he had his first kiss at 13 his heart was broken at 7 when his hampster died he has a brother called Jaxon and a half sister calles Jazmyn his favourite number is six his celebrity crush is Beyonce he likes to skateboard and play basketball his favourite saying is 'shawty' The Bieber Gallery he thinks the most beautiful girl in theworld is his mom he shaved his hair because his friend had cancer and didnt want him to feel left out
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