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Students Using Technology

Presentation for the CUNY IT Conference, December 5, 2013

mariana regalado

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of Students Using Technology

Essential Technology
I got home, started on my laptop and started up some torrents for some PDF books that I needed, 'cause yeah, as much as this library is well equipped with computers and stuff it's fairly limited in what you can do with them. Like, certain things it's just more comfortable to do at home.
It’s an internet phone, but I don’t have internet . . .
Students Using Technology
Maura A. Smale, Associate Professor, Library, NYC College of Technology
Mariana Regalado, Associate Professor, Library, Brooklyn College

While I’m on. . riding on the train?
And what do you usually do on your commute?
Yes. On the train or the bus.
My homework. Because I have long days. So, I do my readings, my . . . Sometimes I type papers on my cellphone.
Student Tech by the Numbers
We wanted to know:
are students doing their academic work?
do they choose those places?
do they make them work?
tools do they use or need?


30 student interviews @ each campus
Photo Surveys: 10 students photograph 20 objects, locations, or situations related to scholarly habits
Mapping Diaries: 10 students record, map, and sketch their activities over a typical school day
Retrospective Research Process Interviews: 10 students describe and sketch the process of completing a research assignment

10 semi-structured interviews with faculty at each campus
What did we learn
from students?
Just plug the PDF to research and read it really fast. And I make notes. . . make annotations on it. And then I just export that out.
The Blackberry keeps me organized.
. . it’s like basically a handheld organization device.
Academic Technology
[I bring my laptop] mmmm . . . maybe once a week. Because it’s heavy. Plus my books. It’s heavy. It kills my back. Because I’m in school from 11:00 until 8:30.
At home:
The bathroom
On a bed (own / someone else’s)
At a desk
At the kitchen table
On the sofa
On the floor

On the commute:
On the train, subway, bus or ferry
Standing / sitting

Off campus:
In parks
At a bookstore (with wifi)
At the public library

On campus:
In hallways
In stairwells
In lounges
In empty classrooms
In the cafeteria
In computer labs
At their (campus-based) job
On quads / other outdoor locations

In the college library:
Open tables
Near service desks

Student Study Locations
The Student Experience
Undergraduate Scholarly Habits Ethnography Project
Yeah, the carrel desk. ‘Cause I have, like, some privacy which is, uh, a thing lacking at…So, I have some kinda privacy when I study in those types of things.
I like being independent and mobile, but honestly I can't live without my glasses.
It’s a hour and a half. I live in the Bronx so I come all the way from the Bronx over here. I’m all the way up on 228. . . so it’s, like, a complete trip. [laughs] A complete trip.
CUNY undergraduate tech use
(CUNY Office of Institutional Research, 2010, 2012)
U.S. undergraduate tech use (2010 data)
(Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2011)
It says it’s a ‘Learning Resource Center’ but in actuality it’s a ‘Hang Out With Your Friends and Look at Your Cousin’s Wedding Pictures Center’.
. . ‘on Facebook.’
I would prefer to study on campus because I find that I’m much more productive on campus. The main reason is because the campus doesn’t have a refrigerator.
CUNY IT Conference, December 5, 2013

It’s just the general demeanor of it. Like it’s not a very academic place. Which is ironic, because it’s a library.

When I go home, I get distracted easily. My mom's there, watching TV, or the computer is always there. Here, it's very quiet, you can't talk, I can concentrate a lot better, and I'm actually doing a lot better now in school than last semester.
The Take-Away
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