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The 5th Wave; character profiles

No description

Miranda Leigh

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of The 5th Wave; character profiles

The 5th Wave; character profiles
Cassie Sullivan
Not Cassie for Cassandra. Not Cassie for Cassidy. Cassie for Cassiopeia.

Cassie is one of the main characters of the
novel. Cassie is a girl whose life was pretty normal before the alien invasion. Cassie had a crush on a classmate named Ben Parish, but he did not know who she was. Cassie had hopes and dreams. All of a sudden, once the Others came, they can never come true.

Age: sixteen

Physical Appearance: strawberry blonde curly hair with freckles

Family: Mother (dies during the 3rd wave)
Father (dies at the start of the 4th wave)
Sammy; 5 year old brother

She's brave (fear motivates), intelligent, can overthink and worry. She has an appreciation for books and writes in a journal. Despite everything that's happened personal hygiene is still important to her.

Evan Walker
He is first introduced as the person that shoots Cassie Sullivan on the highway. But later, he saves Cassie from freezing to death in a car. He brings her back to his home and takes care of her until she can run again.

Age: eighteen or nineteen

Family: all died in the first 4 waves

Physical Appearance: Brown eyes, dark hair and muscular.

Personality: He's caring, protective, understanding. He's very observative and noticing. Also very tough and smart.

Ben Parish
(Before Arrival) He attended high school with Cassie Sullivan. Ben was the high school's football star and captain. He had a pretty good life before the Arrival.

Age: seventeen

Physical Appearance: brown hair, strong, tall.

Family: (4th wave)

After the Fourth Wave, Ben's house was attacked. His family is killed in this attack but he has his little sister's silver locket. Later, Ben is taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He meets Sammy Sullivan here, who is Cassie's brother.

Personality: He's sweet and can be compassionate. He's smart and quite strong.

Sammy Sullivan
Sammy Sullivan:

Age: 5

Nicknames: Nugget, Sams

Family: Mother (died in 3rd wave)
Father (died in 4th wave)
Cassie (older sister)

Physical Appearance: Brown eyes and brown hair. Quite short, since he's only five. Cassie calls him a little cute kid.

He's constantly confused about everything that's happening.

Personality: He's young and tries to be brave but can be very frightened a lot. He's sweet and caring and tries to protect his sister.

Summary for Sam: ADORABLE
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