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No Where to Call Home Chapters 1-7

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of No Where to Call Home Chapters 1-7

Chapter 1
In Chapter 1, Frankie, the main character, father's died. The Stock Market Crashed and Frankie's father committed suicide! The Great Depression caused the Stock Market to crash.Frankie's father thought he couldn't live without his money. Frankie's father left Frankie and his servants to bare for themselves.
Chapter 2-3
In the beginning of the chapters 2 and 3, Frankie and the servants were told to get out. The banker came by and explained what was going on. He told the servants that they have to go and find somewhere to stay for the rest of their life because they had to sell the house to pay for Frankie's fathers debts. Frankie was instructed that she was to go live with her Aunt in Chicago. Frankie didn't want to go live in Chicago.
Chapters 4-5
So in the beginning of this chapter it starts off with Frankie going to the Train Station. Frankie gets dropped off at the train station and is taking the first train out of Philadelphia. When she got on the train she decided right before the train took off that she wanted to get off and cash her ticket for money.
Chapters 6-7
During chapters 6 and seven, Frankie ran into the fright yard in Philadelphia. When she got there, Frankie saw two hobos hoping freights and was very interested. When they got into the train car, she was stopped by a security officer. He asked her to go buy a ticket and get on the train. After she ran to the station she took off to the store to buy clothes to look like a man. When she bought the clothes and cut her hair, she looked like a boy and took off to the train station while the train was taking off. She hoped on and began her journey Riding the Rails.
Chapters 11-13
In these chapters, Frankie gets some of her things that were in her bag stolen. Including brush, comb, mirror, and sewing kit that she had taken from the house before she left. Frankie and Stew Pot are traveling through the Rocky Mountains right now heading towards Cincinnati. Stew Pot asks Frankie where she wants to go and she said anywhere but Chicago.
Chapters 14-16
When this chapter started, Frankie was shown by Stew Pot the things that he makes out of wood. She was very amazed that you could make something like this. Stew Pot ended up showing her how to whittle. She was amazed with it drawing her attention to that. When the train came by she about missed it. Once they were on their way to Chicago they had to bail off of the train before they pulled into the freight yard.When Stew Pot jumped he had no problem but when it was Frankie's turn she hesitated and hurt her knee when she jumped!

Chapters 17-22
In the beginning of these Chapters, Frankie and Stew pot are traveling through Cincinnati heading towards Chicago. Stew Pot wants to see the Rocky mountains. Frankie asked Stew Pot if he would come back to Chicago to her aunts house. Stew pot did not think that her aunt would want her to bring a dirty bo into her house.
Eric Wills
No Where to Call Home
Chapters 1-26

Chapters 8-10
In the beginning of these chapters Stew Pot and Frankie arrive in Pittsburgh. Frankie and Stew Pot get off at the hobo jungle. When they get there, there are two girls there and Frankie gets jealous. The two girls were Vera and Dot. They both were young like Frankie and she really gets jealous when Stew Pot calls them beautiful. She finds out that in a jungle, you have a few days to stay until you need to go out and find a job that will give you food or money that you split with the rest of camp.
Chapters 23-26
In the beginning of these Chapters Stew pot is getting sick. When they are heading back to Chicago, Stew pot passes away. When Frankie ends up back at her aunts, she realizes that she was welcoming to hobos and would have let stew pot stay!!!!

The End
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