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Thunder Over Kandahar

No description

Milad Sadat

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Thunder Over Kandahar

Conclusion Statement
Overall, this was a great read for any race. It had a lot of twists and turns but was never confusing. It never became boring and I was intrigued throughout the whole book. Connections came very easy for me because I've watch a lot of Afghan news stories with my parents (because that is the only thing they watch) and although each story but be similar to each other, it still ceases to amaze me how barbaric things are in my home country.
This book reminds me of when I had to leave from home and move to another country and made me feel sad because I had to leave my family and friends which is really sad.
Thunder Over Kandahar
Chapter 7-13
In the beginning of Chapter 7, Yasmine is still recovering from the brutal attack that took place at the Grand Opening of the only local boys/girls school. She has nothing to do except watch Tamanna do her chores. Even in her condition she still offers to help and tries to do as much as she can. Her parents have decided that since Yasmine has now been involved, now would be a good time to move back to Oxford, England but they are shot while in a rickshaw. They are then taken to a Hospital run by NA forces and are sent to KAF where they will be sent back to England. Meanwhile, Tamanna is about to get married to a man she's never met at the age of 14. Although this should be the happiest day of her life, it does not feel like it because she is afraid that after her fiance learns that she has a broken hip, in horrible condition and has a severe case of diarrhea that he will beat her and give her back to her abusive uncle where he will beat her. . They soldiers ask Yasmine if her father had any important papers at home and if he did, then go and retrieve them. She did so she is then sent with a soldier with the name Dan to escort her to her house. She then asks Tamanna to help her look for the papers and Tamanna is the one finding it. After Yasmine gives the documents to the soldier she is then shipped in a rickshaw to KAF but she decides o bring a party of one.While looking for Tamanna she finds her half-dead mother. She then gets a hint on where she might be and finds her. She was trying to commit suicide by burning herself to death. She takes Tamanna with her but in the middle the rickshaw driver abandons them.
Yasmine and her father and mother have come back to Afghanistan, so her father (Baba) can teach and help his beloved country rebuild after the ouster of the Taliban. She misses England very much and has a difficult time understanding her father's "call back to the land" of his birth. Yasmine cannot comprehend all the social restrictions, and the poverty of Afghanistan. She wants to return to England. One day while she and her mother are out walking and singing in Herat, they are targeted by the Taliban who severely beat her mother. Yasmine's mother suffers a badly broken leg in the attack and is disabled. Baba decides to move the family to Grandfather's home in Bazaar-E-Panjwayi, Kandahar Province. There they will live in a small village where Grandfather is respected and where they will be near the American FOB (Forward Operating Base).

Avery's Summary
Avery's Recommendation
likes and dislikes
"Thunder Over Kandahar"
Movie Trailer
Milad's Connections
Avery's Connections
Marquise's Connections
Chapters 1-6 Summary
My Connections
This book, Thunder over Kandahar reminds me
of HIVS because it makes the victim unable
to fight off the infection just like the
Taliban you cant fight back.
This book reminds me of my brothers because they always are bugging me because they cant get in trouble just cause they are 7 years old and in the Taliban the soldiers cant get in trouble because its there
my text to world connection is that in Thunder Over Kandahar there a people struggling from Taliban while people in Ghana are struggling because of the Ebola spread.
My text to self connection is that my brother get away with everything and they escape there boundaries and same as Taliban people. They get away with what they want and escape everything.
This book makes me think of wars because it sounds like it was written along time ago and they were trying to tell a story. But also because Yasmines family had to move because the Taliban would beat Yasmines mother all the time.
My Recommendation
I would recommend this book to student who enjoy reading fiction books. Also what age group I would pick would be 13-15 because it has lots of difficult words to pronounce.
Did I like the book or not?
I would have to say I didn't like it because of how boring it was and also because of how long it was.

A text to text connection is Thunder Over Kandahar and the Kite Runner. They both have very stunning story's and both are about surviving from the Taliban. and both books are from Afghanistan.
This book reminds me of the book "War Brothers" because in war brothers these kids are being forced to fight in war and in thunder over Kandahar because the girls are forced to stay at home work for there family
This book reminds me of "Black Hawk Down" because in that book theirs people trying to escape the country because theirs people like the Taliban trying to hurt them and make them do things they don't want to do, also in "Thunder over Kandahar" their are girls that are being forced to stay in their homes and clean.
Like or Dislike

14 to 20
During the chapters i read Yasmine and tamanna are trying to get to safety and some how Tamanna is in a hard situation she either goes with her brother and the Taliban or she goes with the allied forces and has to kill the Taliban and probably her brother too. what even makes it more tough is that Yasmine and Tamanna are seperating very slowly because of the taliban and allied forces and it is only time to spare to see what happening next.
I would recommend this book to people that could read cultural and non-fiction books. I would also recommend the book to people around the age 14-16
I like the book because i have always been a person for culture i love it and i would love to learn more and more about people's culture. also because I like non-fiction.
I recommended this book to ages 10- 15 years old because younger kids would not understand the read and they would just get bored of the book and abandon the book.

I can connect this book to "Bud not Buddy" because they are both running away from something and both are on a really dangerous journey.
I can connect to this because I am Afghan and I did grow up to stories similar to these except coming from my parents but none were as etxtreme (although honor killing was popular).
I can connect this because young girls like Tamanna and Yasmine do get abused and jumped and beaten up by people like the Taliban. It may not be the headline on every newspaper but everyone knows it is still going on.
I liked this book because I learned a lot about afghanistan and the Taliban but what I didn't like was that it took so long to say what they were saying
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