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Particle model and pressure

No description

Paul Sheffield

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Particle model and pressure

Using the particle model of matter explain motion of particles in a gas.
How gases exert forces on the walls of their containers.

Particle model and pressure
Answer the exam questions on specific latent heat and specific heat capacity
The molecules of a gas are in constant random motion. The temperature of the gas is related to the average kinetic energy of the molecules. The higher the temperature, the greater the average kinetic energy and so the faster the average speed of the molecules.
Gas Pressure
Exploding tin
When the molecules collide with the wall of their container they exert a force on the wall. The total force exerted by all of the molecules inside the container on a unit area of the walls is the gas pressure.
Describe the motion of molecules within a gas.
How does the temperature of a gas affect the movement of the particles within it?
Describe and explain how the motion of molecules in a gas changes as the gas is heated.
Why are gas cylinders likely to explode in a fire?
Describe why gases exert a force on a container.
Explain what is meant by gas pressure in terms of the forces exerted by the gas molecules on a given area.
Explain how blowing up a balloon too much can cause it to pop in terms of gas pressure.

Write a description and explanation
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