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American Sign Language and the D/deaf Culture

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David Lowe

on 14 July 2011

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Transcript of American Sign Language and the D/deaf Culture

Deaf = Inability to hear and part of the Deaf Community deaf = Inability to hear Hard of Hearing = Partial loss of hearing through old age or injury American Sign Language and
the D/deaf Culture Language American Sign Language How many D/deaf are in the USA?
-An estimated 552,000 How do the D/deaf express themselves? By using facial expressions! Other forms of communication the D/deaf use:
Social Media Do all Deaf use ASL? No! The British use British Sign Language
The Japanese use Japanese Sign Language...and so on Wayne Adams The End... ASL is not typically accepted as
a "foreign language" in many high
schools, colleges and universities.
Although, it is on the rise.
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