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Offensive/Defensive Realism

No description

Destiny Loyd

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Offensive/Defensive Realism

Offensive Realism
The Aggressive strategy
Projecting power to another state
Aim: to dominate the international system by being the most powerful
Secure survival
Peace can be controlled by being the hegemon
Negatives of Offensive Strategy:
Security Dilemma
Balance of Power
A state can survive without having the most power.
Balance of Power
This Strategy is best for defensive realism.
If one state increases their power, another will follow in increasing their own.
It's for major powers.
Can usually maintain peace
Under offensive realism a state wants to be the most ________.
The "Homeland" Security Strategy
Other states security and power declines as you increase yours
Causes a
Threatened states will form alliances or increase security
Defensive Realism
Internal Balancing:
Increasing one's own power.
Affecting factors on the level of security dilemma:
Offensive or defensive advantage
Ability to identify between offensive and defensive weapons
Offensive/Defensive: Security Dilemma
Strategies of:

Offensive/Defensive Realism
External balancing:

Foreign Policy-
forming alliances with other states
Preemptive War: Going to war with an aggressor before it can attack
Preventive War:
A war meant to control or contain a states rising strength before it becomes too powerful to do so in the future.
The best strategy for defensive realism is ______.
Two ways of balancing power are: 1. _____ 2._____
Balancing of power is a strategy for ______ ______.
When an aggressor's intent is clear states will act on a ________ war.
Containing another states power by war
before it becomes too powerful is
a _________ war.
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