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The Iroquois Tribe

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The Iroquois Tribe

The Iroquois Tribe
By Justin Hodrick
The Iroquois tribe lived in the great plains, due to their location they ate many crops such as corn or wheat; men also hunted elk and fished the streams and rivers.
The Iroquois Tribe played many songs with instruments such as the flute, as played in this video below
A Pow-wow is a friendly gathering usually with fellow tribe members, where people of their tribe form a circle performing movements representing vital animals as well as Regalias. The Pow-Wows that the Iroquois tribes performed represent the continuation of life with a circle shape.
Today in 2013 there are approximately 115,000 Native American Iroquois tribal members.

They like to play the sport Lacrosse which is still played today;
however there were no rules in Lacrosse back then other than no killing.
Sticks are much more enhanced today than they were originally.
The Women of the Iroquois tribes did not play Lacrosse; it was a male only activity.
When fighting with other tribes the Iroquois would use bows, shields, clubs, and spears
the Iroquois inhabited many parts of Rhode Island, my home state! :)

video from youtube

The Iroquois tribes believed dream catchers would catch bad dreams, as well as bad luck. You would hang it above your bed for the good dreams to pass through.
The Iroquois tribes inhabited northern New York state, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and the border of Canada, as well as Rhode island
the Iroquois tribes were ferocious warriors
who would take over whatever they want.
They also traded with other tribes for food, crops, and animal skins.
I hope you have enjoyed my presentation about the Iroquois Native American tribe!
The Iroquois men would wear different clothing than the Women, the men would often wear headdresses with a small fan of feathers on top. The Women would wear long skirts and dresses, their footwear will often be moccasins for special occasions.
What they wear
The Iroquois Flag
The Iroquois tribe is a fascinating Native American tribe and it will blow your socks off - enjoy!

Iroquois Tribal Cultures
Two Native Americans playing Lacrosse
Each symbol on the Iroquois flag, pictured above, represents a different tribe.
What did they live in?
The Iroquois tribes lived in longhouses, these shelters could hold up to 60 people. That could hold 12, five member families!
The Mohawk Tribe
Mohawk? Faux hawk? I don't know but this tribe really piques my interest, single Women would have two braids in their hair if not married, but if married they will have only one braid. The Men of the Mohawk tribe will shave all their head except for a line down the middle!
This is an Elk that they would hunt.
The Oneida Tribe
The name Oneida means "People of the Standing Stone" in their language, Onyota'aka.
The Onondaga Tribe
The name Onondaga means "People of the Hill" in their own language.
The Cayuga
The name Cayuga comes from the name for themselves, "Gayogohono" which means "People of the Swamp".
The Seneca
The name for Seneca comes from the name of their village "Osininka". In their own language they call themselves "Ondowaga", which means "People of the Mountain"
The Tuscarora
The name Tuscarora comes from their own tribal name "Skarureh" which means "Hemp People"
The Iroquois confederacy consists of...
Oh yeah and my classmates too :)
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