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Future of IOS and Android

No description

saket agarwal

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Future of IOS and Android

The Future of Android And IOS

The Future of Android Hardware
Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X, and others

Platform Convergence
IR blaster (TV remote)
CPU + GPU = fastest gaming phone
Blink eyes to pause video
Wave hand to answer call
5" / 441dpi screen, > than iPhone5's 321dpi screen
Moto X
Touchless Control
Shake to use Camera
Bluetooth Trusted Devices
Nexus 5 Rumors
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Antennae can receive and display live / over-the-air TV (in Korea)
LG Optimus Pro
5" screen, ~400dpi
Will launch with KitKat (4.4)
Knock On
Buttons on back of device
Android Cameras
Galaxy Zoom
Sony QX10 & QX100
What's New in iPhones?
iOS 7
New look and feel, but still instantly familiar
Free with all new iOS devices!
Released next Wednesday, September 18th.
Our current newest versions v3.6.4 and v3.8.1 will work on iOS 7.
Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, Parallax, Air Drop & more
Design Focus
Screen Sizes
App Updates
Android apps have updated automatically since 2.3
Android phones seem to be converging on a 4.8" diagonal screen size.
The iPhone is getting bigger...?
7" tablets are viable on both platforms with Nexus 7 and iPad Mini
The iPad owns the 10" tablet space.
Android apps can run in the background
iOS apps don't
BUT Apple is moving towards Android:
limited background tasks in iOS 4
iOS 7 adds more:
Apps wake up in the background to refresh (download new content...)
"Silent" push notifications can wake up an app and trigger an update
Bluetooth LE
Low-power transmitters mark locations
~10m range
Dedicated hardware (Estimote sells 3 transmitters for $99)
Phones and tablets can also serve as transmitters
aka "iBeacon" on iOS
Device support:
iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+, iPad Mini
Android 4.3+
Galaxy Nexus, SIII, S4
w/o contract
w/ contract
Android supports fused location
Reduces battery drain
Supports all devices that Doubledutch supports
The M7 motion co-processor provides the iPhone 5S the computing power to do indoor positioning like Android.
No existing APIs on iOS.
Apple acquired WiFiSLAM in Q1 '13
Maybe next year?
iPhone 5S
3 Colors - Space Gray, Gold & Silver
A7 chip with 64-bit architecture
New M7 motion coprocessor
8 MP Camera w/ True Tone flash
Slo-mo video & video stabilization
Fingerprint identity sensor
Platform Divergence
File System Access
Widgets & Notifications
App Store Submissions
The Apple App Store reviewers are here to stay!
Notifications can only open apps
No widgets on the home screen
The Hardware
iPhone 5C
'C' for Color
5 new Colors
Similar specs as the iPhone 5
A6 chip with 32-bit architecture
8 MP Camera w/ LED flash
New (fugly) cases to compliment it
Ongoing notifications
Widgets on home + lock screen
Motorola Atrix shipped with fingerprint sensor in 2011
Technology never took off
Limited functionality
Could only unlock screen
Apple acquired fingerprint sensor patent earlier this year
Apple has more well thought-out plans for fingerprint scanning
Unlock phone
Restrict access to certain documents / features
Fingerprint Scanning on Android
Custom Themes
In iOS 7, apps will update automatically in the background.
Better API support on Android
Galaxy S4
iOS always focused on design
Android moved towards iOS by making design and consistency priority post Android 4.0 +
Hired Matias Duarte
Finally released design guidelines
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