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The Great War Project

In this assignment, you will research the Great War (WWI) and produce a presentation summarizing the conflict.

Paul Shriver

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of The Great War Project

In this project, you and a partner will research World War I and produce a detailed summary of the conflict.
The Great War
In this frame, describe the causes that led to the Great War in 1914.

Be sure to discuss the following topics:
The Spark
Many people believed that a European war was "bound to start sooner or later." All that was needed was a spark to "set Europe on fire."

Describe the "spark" that set Europe on fire in 1914. and the two sides that formed in the months that followed.

Be sure to discuss the following topics:
Central Powers
Allied Powers
A New Type of War
In this frame, discuss the factors that made World War I different than previous wars...

Be sure to include the following:
Trench warfare...description and pics!
New types of weapons and technologies that were used in WWI.
Find a short personal account of a soldier that fought in WWI and include it in this frame.
America Enters the War
Shortly after World War I began, President Wilson announced that the US would remain neutral. Most Americans agreed that we should stay out of the war.
In this frame, you should discuss the events that changed this.

Be sure to discuss the following topics:
The Lusitania
The Zimmerman Note
Allied Investment
Resource: Ch 23-1, p. 720-721
Resources: Use Ch 23-1, p. 721
Use Ch 23-1, p. 722-723
and the Internet!
Resources: Ch 23-2, p. 725-726
Mobilizing for War
In this frame you should discuss the steps the United States took to prepare for the Great War.

Be sure to discuss the following topics:
Sedition Act of 1918
Selective Service Act of 1917
Financing the War: Liberty Bonds & Personal Sacrifices
Resources: Ch 23-2, p. 727
Political Cartoon
Using the internet, locate the following political cartoon about the cause of World War I. Include this picture on your final frame and give a DETAILED explanation of its meaning.
How will this be graded?
Accurate and detailed answers to each question
Pictures to support each frame
Organized layout/path
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