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Stone Age

Social Studies Project 2

AJ Clark

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Stone Age

A.J. Clark Old Stone Age Middle Stone Age New Stone Age The Neolithic Revolution is when early man changed from hunter-gatherers to farmer-herders. It's also when man settled into towns with permanent houses. Government and religion were also part of the revolution. Section 2 From 2,000,000 BC to 8,000 BC
The scientific name is The Paleolithic Era.
Man discovered fire.
There were ice ages.
Man made simple tools.
Man hunted wild animals and gathered wild plants.
Man developed spoken languages.
Man crossed land bridges to eventually From 8,000 BC to 6,000 BC.
The scientific name is The Mesolithic Era.
Ice ages ended.
Man made more complex tools like fishhooks, fish spears, and harpoons.
Man domesticated dogs and goats.
Man made pottery. From 6,000 BC to 3,000 BC.
The scientific name is The Neolithic Era.
Man became farmer-herders instead of hunter-gatherers.
Man made sharper and more effective tools.
Some men became skilled craftsmen.
Man domesticated oxen, cattle, horses, pigs, and sheep.
Man settled into towns with a structure and religion. Question A The Stone Age Question B Question C live on all the continents. Man used barter to trade and buy.
Man started to use bronze and copper.
At the very end, writing was developed. It was called the stone age because people used stone tools during that time.
It ended because people started using bronze which started the Bronze Age. Prehistory ended and history began because writing was developed.
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