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American Dream Survey Results

No description

Casey Cremmen

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of American Dream Survey Results

American Dream Survey Results
I believe that the American Dream is becoming successful by continuing to work hard to achieve higher standards, such as becoming a millionaire, owning a business, etc.
My findings displayed the characteristics and differences of a mature adult and young teenagers different ideas of the american dream.
The Responses:
90% of respondents thought the importance of working hard was a 10, on an 1-10 importance scale.
Everyone I surveyed had a dream they'd like to achieve throughout their lives.
The adults surveyed had a percentage rate of 100%, unlike the teenagers I surveyed whom only 50% of them had jobs.
Graphical Representations on separate link/page.
I learned that I have very similar thoughts about the american dream as my classmates and teachers do. After reading and understanding their responses most of the respondents had very similar ethics of work. They intend to achieve similar objectives to reach their ideas of success.
What I've learned...
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