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One of These Days

No description

rhye banerjee

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of One of These Days

One of These Days
Not one singular event
Falling Actions
Dentist refuses to treat Mayor
Mayor threatens to shoot Aurelio
Dentist prepares to defend himself
Mayor comes in; dentist examines tooth
Now you'll pay for our 20 dead men
Dentist pulls tooth out
Dentist is containing his disain towards the mayor
Dentist gives follow-up instructions on how to take care of teeth
Actions are not malicious, despite feelings towards the mayor,
Aurelio asks the mayor who to send the bill to
Inciting Force
Arrival of the mayor
Absence of usual small talk
Antagonist threatens protagonist
Inferred history automatically darkens/changes the tone of the story
Monday morning in dentist's office
Parts of the story where the theme is most apparent
Karma & Predestination
Aurelio says" Now you will pay for our 20 dead men"
Says the statement
"without rancour but rather with a bitter tenderness"
Acts professionally and gives proper instructions and after care steps
Rising Actions
Dull, muted
Thick with tension
Writing style
Mayor committed sin + misdead
Very choppy and abrupt
mentions "20 dead men"
When mayor gets* his tooth pulled out; story describes his pain, but reader cannot sympathize
Sensed, rather than being direct and upfront
Backbone of the story
makes dentist the protagonist
..."the office had crumbling ceilings, and dusty spider webs with spider eggs and dead insects"
represents Aurelio's(/town's) financial condition
Story takes place in an impoverished area
By: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Originally written in spanish, then translated to American English
Aurelio Escovar is poor dentist without a degree
Busy polishing gold teeth early one morning when mayor arrives
Refuses to see patient until mayor, desperate, threatens to shoot him
Aurelio treats mayor, but says "now you'll pay for our 20 dead men"
Mayor threatening to shoot Aurelio
Written in 1962
Colombian Author passed away on April 17, 2014
The character
Aurelio Escovar
Story begins here
Son informs of mayor's arrival
Middle aged
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