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The Rise of the Stuarts & The Defeat of the Monarchy.

Daniel Barnett

Daniel Barnett

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of The Rise of the Stuarts & The Defeat of the Monarchy.

The rise of the Stuarts occured when Queen
Elizabeth died in 1603. The Tudor dynasty
came to an end and her cousin
James the VI of Scotland son of Mary
Stuart ruled as James I of England.
The Rise of Stuarts & The Defeat of the Monarchy.
James supported the the
hurch of England which
angered the Roman Catholics
and Protestant extremists.
he situation orstened when
harles I took the thrown in 1625.
Charles I dismissed parliment in 1629. In 1640 he was promptly stripped from many of his powers because he was forced to return the parliment. This resulted for England to be in a Civil War.
The English civil war started between the Royalist and the supporters of the Parliament. General Oliver Cromwells puitan army defeated the royalist in 1645. The king surrendered a year later.
Parliament established a commonwealth with Cromwell as head then later made him "lord protector" for life. England's theaters were closed, most forms of recreation were suspended and Sundays were days of prayer.
Cromwell died in 1658 and his son inherited his title. however, his son was not able to handle it. Charles II returned from exile and assumed the throne in 1660. This resulted in a new chapter in English history, the Restoration.
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