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The Writing Process

Presentation on the Writing Process to demonstrate Prezi.

Michael Brodie

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Writing Process

Prewriting This is the first stage of the Writing Process.
This is where we think of our ideas, gather information, and start to organize our thoughts.

"I think I'll write a persuasive paragraph to convince my parents that I deserve a later bedtime." Editing This is the fourth stage of the Writing Process.
Now it's time to correct our grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Using an Editing Checklist, we carefully look over our work for mistakes. We might need to use a dictionary or the word wall. Reading our work out loud to ourself could help us to hear if it sounds right. How to Start and Finish a Piece of Writing The Writing Process Drafting This is the second stage of the Writing Process.
This is where we really start to put our thoughts and feelings down onto paper.
We start to use complete sentences, but we're not too worried about spelling or grammar yet. Revising This is the third stage of the Writing Process.
At this time we want to hear what other people think about our writing. So we share it by reading to a small group and listening to their feedback. Remember, 2 stars and a wish. This feedback will help us to improve how we are presenting our ideas. Publishing This is the fifth and final stage of the Writing Process.
Since we want to present our work nicely, we take our time writing or typing out our final copy.
This is the version we will share with our teacher and class, so we want it to look really good.
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