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The Moon

No description

Dylan Scwhab

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Moon

The Moon!
Our Moon is Earth's natural satalite. Exploring the Moon The Moon is significantly less massive than Earth, so therefor the gravity there is about 1/6th of that of Earth's. The Interior of the Moon Rocks of the lunar surface are just about as dense as the ones on Earths surface. The side of the Moon that always faces Earth is called the "near side" (who would of guessed) The mantle is believed to be
made of rock that is rich in silica,
magnesium,and iron. The Formation of the Moon Most scientists generally agree
that the Moon formed in 3 stages. The Giant Impact Hypothesis states
that a Mars sized body struck Earth
a long time ago. The least dense materials formed an outer crust. The masterpiece was created by:
Jessica & Dylan At the residence of
Citrus High School, Inverness FL. About 3 billion years ago,
the number of small objects
in the solar system decreased. Because the Moon's crust is thinner
on the near side than it is on the
far side, much more lava flowed onto
the surface on the near side than it
did on surface of the far side of the Moon. I Hope you enjoyed
our first PREZI!
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