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Sweet as Sugar: Comparing the Sweetness of Sugar & Sugar Sub

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Rachel Taylor

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Sweet as Sugar: Comparing the Sweetness of Sugar & Sugar Sub

Sweet as Sugar: Comparing the Sweetness of Sugar & Sugar Substitutes
Created by Rachel Taylor
Different types of sugar substitutes: Splenda, Truvia, and honey
Plain sugar tastes different than sugar substitutes.
Sugar adds flavor and bulk to cakes, cookies, and all types of treats
sweeteners add zero to no calories
How does the sweetness of sugar compare to sugar substitutes ?
Getting Set-Up
1. Label 4 cups according to the solutions you will put in them (Sugar 10%, Sugar 1%, Sugar 0.1%, Sugar 0.01%
2. Measure 80mL of distilled water & put it into the cup labeled "Sugar 10%"
3. Measure 10 grams of sugar on the scale then pour it into the cup labeled "Sugar 10%". Stir well.
4. Measure 90mL of distilled water into the other cups labeled for sugar (not Sugar 10%)
5. Take 10mL out of the cup Sugar 10% and put it into the cup labeled Sugar 1%. Stir well, but with different stirring stick
6. Do that with the rest of them. ( 10ml of Sugar 1% into Sugar 0.1% & 10mL of Sugar 0.1% into Sugar 0.01%
7. Repeat steps # 1-5 for Splenda and Truvia, but label them like Truvia 10%, Splenda 10% and so on
8. For honey you need label the same(Honey 10%...)
9. Measure 90mL of distilled water and pour it into the cup labeled Honey 10% and then warm that up for 30 seconds.
10. Measure 10mL of honey and pour it into the cup of warmed water and stir well
11. Now follow 5-6 for the honey solutions

Testing Procedure
1. Each volunteer should rinse out there mouth and dry their with a paper towel
2. Fill up a cup with distilled water
3. Take a cotton swab and dip it into the water and smear that on the subjects tongue. Do that with the Sugar 10%, Sugar 1% and so on
4. Ask them if they tasted a change between the substances. Reminding them that there is no incorrect or correct answer
5. Do that with all the sweetening with each subject, making sure they rinse out their mouth and dry out their tongue before each experiment
Plastic cups
permanent marker
something that measures up to 90mL
computer paper
digital scale
cotton swabs
stirring sticks (20)
distilled water (1 gallon)
Truvia, Splenda, and honey
4 volunteers
paper towels
How Many People Detected A Change
Type of Sweetening
Who Said Yes and Who Said No
Independent: the type of sweetening, the % of sweetening, volunteers, & cotton swabs
Dependent: how many people detected a change between sugar and sugar substitutes
Control: sugar & sugar substitutes
My hypothesis wasn’t exactly correct. The sugar didn’t really over power any of the other ones. It kinda tied. I know that you think that honey was sweeter but I am not really sure because my mom was subject d and she hates honey. So she could tell a difference between those easily. And as you can see I had 20 yeses and 44 no's I think that in my experiment I could have stirred the solutions more. I was rushing I tad and I didn’t mix them much so that could have effected my data a little.

If I mix sugar with water then the subjects will taste that more than sugar substitutes.
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