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North Africa

No description

D Jennings

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

North Africa Region!
presentated by: Danielle and Chris! Physical Geography! Atlas mountains! Deserts, Meditarranean steppe! Traditional People! Most people live where the climate is midler and the water is available. Rural areas are growing fast. Cities cannot offer many jobs. The original people were called the "blue people." But their real name was the "Tuarags." The men dyed their faces from indigo colored cloth. Government! They are a republic nation. Lost economic power in 1960. Very bad economy. Can get extremely hot and humid. Popular Culture! The mountains and deserts are not highly populated. Their economy is dropping. They might of done this to keep the sun away from their eyes! The Lybian desert and the Sahara desert. Morocco, Algeria, Lybia, Egypt, and Tunisia are the countries in North Africa. Would you like to visit this country region today? No, Chris and I would not like to visit this North African region today. The temperature there is too hot and it would take us a while to adapt to their climate and weather in North Africa. The houses in North Africa are a little bit too small. We really think that their culture is too different for us and we would not really be ready for their very interesting way of life! Egypt and Morocco are thriving countries compared to Algeria, Lybia, and Tunisia. We think that the traditional people of North Africa could not survive in the modern world. We think this because they are very much accustomed to their culture and life style in North Africa and would not enjoy or understand living here under our rules and customs. The technology would be very over-welming and very confusing for them. The economy is also not very good here so the North Africans would STILL have a pretty difficult time surviving. These are the reasons that the North Africans should not come to America.
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