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The Yellow Wallpaper

No description

Sloane Stine

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper by:Charlotte Perkins Gilman Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote many books to offer society
1st being the Yellow Wallpaper that was based on her experience with the "rest cure" in 1892
world renowed lecturer who lectured about advocating the release of women from economic imprisonment that comes from the roles of unpaid wife and mother Mid- Life: Final Years: Early Life Charlotte Perkins Gilman was born July 3, 1860
She was the youngest child and an only girl
2 of her siblings died and her mother was told not to have anymore children, Charlotte's father left them soon after
They were poor and relied on family members in Rhode Island to support them
Her mother did not show affection to her after the family became detached
Charlotte didn't have much schooling and educated herself through reading 1878: Charlotte enrolled in the Rhode Island school of design, supporting herself as a tutor and artist of trade cards.
1884: Marries Charles Walter Stetson
3 months into their marriage, Charlotte became pregnant and began to suffer from depression
After the birth of her daughter she was treated for depression by Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell
The treatment was a rest treatment where she could do nothing
She wrote the "Yellow Wallpaper" which is in a way based on her life
Later she separated from her husband and moved to California Later, Charlotte remarried her cousin
He supported her and this marriage worked much better than her first
1934: Charles died and Charlotte was diagnosed with breast cancer
Charlotte ended her life by covering her face in a rag soaked with chloroform Summary: The narrator begins her journal as they move into a summer
house for her and her husband's vacation. She is there because her husband is treating her with rest therapy, and when she sees the house she gets an abnormal feeling about moving there. The narrator feels that she needs work and freedom and something to do in order to get bettter. She believes her husband belittles her becasue she is a woman and because she is ill. Because of his ignorance she decides to keep a secret journal to relieve her mind. She describes the house and is mostly positive, but items in her bedroom really stand out to her and give her a negative feeling. "The rings and things", the bars on the windows, and the yellow wallpaper all stand out to her and perturb her. She hides her true thoughts and falls deeper into her illness. Her imagination takes over and the yellow wallpaper becomes more prominent in her everyday life. It begins to "haunt" her. Her family visits and she grows weaker than ever. John threatens to send her away. She is alone most of the time now and becomes fonder of the yellow wallpaper. She is obsessed with it and the it takes over her mind. No one listens to her and she ultimatly goes even more crazy than before. Setting Late 19th century during the Summer
In a large summer home in America. The story mostly takes place in one bedroom within the house Major Conflict
struggle between the narrator and her husband who is also her doctor, over the nature and treatment of her illness which leads to a conflict between her growing understanding of her own powerless and her desire to repress his awareness
Jane needs something to do and the rest cure drives her insane Rising Action:
the narrator keeps a secret journal in which she describes her dislike for the Yellow Wallpaper that intensifies into her obsession. She must hide her writing from John and begins to see a figure that looks like a woman in the wallpaper
The narrator completely identifies herself with the woman that she sees imprisoned in the wallpaper and decides that it must come down Falling Action:

the narrator becomes obessesed with the need to rid the wallpaper from her presence and tears it down. She crawls around on all fours and when her husband discovers this he collapses in shock, yet she continues crawling over his fallen body. Jane has gone insane from the "cure." Structure Tone: anxiety, flashes of sarcasm, anger and desperation

Genre: Gothic horror tale, character study, socio- political allegory

Tense: story stays close to the narrators thoughts at the moment and is mostly written in present tense.

The story is written in 1st person. Ideas: Subordination of women in marriage
Women being inferior to men
Importance of Self Expression
The evils of "The Resting Cure"
Incorrect treatment for an illness
Nervous Depression Foreshadowing -Discovery of the teeth marks on the bedstead foreshadows the narrators own insanity and suggests the narrator isn't revealing everything about her behavior
- The use of the word creepy for the first time foreshadows desperation of the narrators situation and her own individual creeping "Rest Cure" The rest cure was a "cure" that Silas Weir Mitchell came up with
Silas was a specialist on women's nervous disorders in the ninteenth century.
Gilman, the author of the "Yellow Wallpaper" was treated with this and almost forced her to go insane
she was told that she could do nothing creative. The "Yellow Wallpaper" is a story that is directly related to the author and something that she had to endure. The House: A hereditary estate about three miles from the village. It has hedges and walls and gates that lock, and lots of separate houses. It also has a large garden full of box-bordered paths and lines with long grape-covered arbors. Climax Quiz Time! 1. Where does this story take place?

2. What is the cure that John tries to use on Jane?

3. What illness is Jane battling?

4. What bothers Jane the most about the house?

5. Who is the author of the "Yellow Wallpaper"? Answers 1. In a summer colonial mansion
2. The Weir rest cure
3. post partum depression
4. The Yellow Wallpaper
5. Charlotte Perkins Gilman Sources http://www.harrietbeecherstowecenter.org/hbs/

http://www.fofweb.com/Lit/default.asp Major Characters: John Jennie Narrator/Jane: protagonist of the story. A mentally troubled young upper class woman who is suffering from postpartum depression. She thinks alot about the situation in society and in her marriage. As she undergoes treatment she is robbed of her sanity. Jane is believed to be crazy, and believes that the house they are living in is haunted.
A Round and Dynamic character the husband, only knows the outer self of his wife and not the true her. physician whos treats his wife and treatment goes wrong. He is always trying to do what he thinks is best for her. He loves his wife but doesn't understand the negative effect his treatment has on her.John is practical in the extreme: no patience with faith and an intense horror with superstition.
Round and Static Character John's sister who act as a housekeeper for the couple and makes Jane feel like she can't be a normal house wife.
Flat and Static Character *Indirect Characterization because there is no explicit presentation of the characters
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