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No description

Amy Briggs

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of tumblr

Blogs Blogs are your own pages that consist of posts about stuff you like. Fandoms: The heart of tumblr The three major fandoms:
Doctor Who
Sherlock tumblr is an escape, a place for you to go when real life is sucking. tumblr:
the basics The tip of the iceberg: hipsters This is what people think tumblr is about: Pictures of Starbucks and inspirational
quotes. Bands and music DIY (Do It Yourself) Don't let this fool you, this is only the beginning. The posts can be funny or serious. A fandom is the collection of fans for a certain fictional work.
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Les Mis
British Men in general, actor or otherwise. Posts can be about anything from food to music to fandoms to anything else.

If someone likes your post they will reblog it, thus making it more famous
and spreading it around tumblr for more to see. You can use stock photos to explain pretty much anything on here Recipes Art use comic sans to add words to further illistrate your emotions Whovians

Cumberbabes Hiddlestoners Escape to your favorite fandom and immerse yourself in fictional characters you consider friends. Become part of another world and lose yourself. Make friends and laugh. Ships A ship is the pairing of two chracters
whether it is canon or not.

Canon: Official storyline of a fictional work Destiel, Johnlock, Wincest, Durincest, Megstiel. Sherlockians






Gleeks OTP: One True Pairing

AU: Alternate Universe

Night Blogging: Blogging when

Fanfiction/Fanart: Stories/Art written/drawn by fans Slash: Dirty fanfiction bewtween
2 characters of the same gender

Crossover: Characters from several different fandoms in one work.

Fluff: Cute/Sweet interactions between 2 characters.
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