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No description

Devanti Skinner

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of 3D

3D Global Stadium
The 3D Global Stadium is located on a island in the middle of the Atlantic between five continets.
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa.
Target Market
My target market is all ages who love sports and music.
What is the 3D Global Stadium
The 3D Global Stadium is a stadium that is open to all ages who love the thrill of music and the excitement of sports.
The owner boxes are permitted to owners where they are served the best food made by the best chefs in the world.
The good paying customers get to sit in massage chairs and a served food.
The music artist dressing rooms are design by any way they want.
Food and Beverages
Burgers with Fries: $4.00, without:$3.50
Hot Dogs:$3.00
Fries with cheese:$3.00, without:2.50
Soda: $2.00
Milkshakes and Smoothies: $5.00
Market and Manage
How I would market the stadium is doing commercials, having a website, having big time events, and having other companies sponsor us.
I would have 2 chefs
6 ticket salestands
1 manager
8 concession stand
5 souvenir stand
Websites I Used
Decorating the Stadium
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