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fro-ass is my gang, lol. im going to tell you about them and who we are! :)

meme lerman

on 17 July 2010

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Transcript of fro-ass

Frozen Asshole what the heck is that? lol frozen asshole, first of all, made by audyThecoolest she said it on twitter and we claim it as my gang name :) our gang included 4 members. :) 1 maydeline dianyra tedjakusuma its me, the one who made this presentation :) born 4 may 1996 mostly a good girl, curse like sailor ;p hate liar, rude people and snob ;( this is me dont blame me because i looks like shit, lol gleeks real geeks love to read good girl ;p love to drawing lermaniacs 2 Anggia Naully justin bieber number one fans, he must be proud :D born 11 october 1996 good girl, great story-teller, belieber hate liar, rude people, everyone who hate justin bieber belieber belieber belieber belieber belieber belieber 3 Kartika Fiona. H gothic, baik, tokio hotelllll, sinting dan emo :D born 7 April 1996 emo, gothic, tokio hotellll!!! hate G, kisutttt, lebay, alay, liar, rude people, MATH! emo gothic alay ;p sempel asik berlidah tajam ;p 3 Lydiana Shia D baek banget, komik-holic, sabar born 1 juni 1996 nice girl, ms. pasrah, hehe hate liar, mantan/ pacaranya A, anti-korean audition holic korean holic bigbang holic istrinya tae-yang komik-holic anti guru fisika killer and other GLARIZ friends of fro-ass included Callista jessica Della AND-- Christina Santoso - korean Holic Claudia Laurent a.k.a AUDYTHECOOLEST lermaniacs, zac-efroniacs, belieber T.H.E. E.N.D THE ENERGY NEVER DIES . lollll GO FRO-ASS!
and our friends :)
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