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Despicable Me

No description

Jeremy Thomas

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Despicable Me

Aristotle's Six Elements
1. Plot

2. Character

3. Thought

4. Diction

5 . Music

6. Spectacle
Freytag's Pyramid
The Six Elements of Theater and Freytag's Pyramid may have lost some relevance with modern times. But, these elements are still essential toward the creation of movies, plays and even everyday life.
Gru wants to steal the moon which is based on his childhood dream .
His plan is really expensive so that the president of the Bank of Evil won't provide money to him except he gets the shrink ray first.
He gets the shrink ray but it is stolen by another guy called Vector
Gru adopt 3 lovely girls later, because he wants to use them to help him get the shrink ray back.
Eventually, Gru gets the shrink ray and steal the moon as well, but he gives it up. Because Vector takes away three girls in order to make Gru give him the shrink ray.
At the end, Vector is trapped with his Vector ship to the orbit and 3 girls live together with Gru as his daughter.
Quick Summary
If you haven't seen this movie:

A. You live in a rock
B. Here's a summary

There is a bad guy, but deep down he isn't a bad guy. He adopts three little girls as he tries to steal the moon. He uses them to steal a shrink ray, but once he's finished with them he can't dispose of them because he's learned to love them.
The plot focuses around one central piece of information, Gru's change. Everything else all help further Gru toward the director's goal of changing this bad guy into a good guy.
The theme of this play is family. The things that happened in the movie all push us toward the central idea of family. The events - good and bad - all bring us towards this central theme.
Different voice patterns give us insight on character's backgrounds.

I.E. - We know Gru is Russian because of his accent

Often little hints like these give us crucial, non-obvious info that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise
In Despicable Me, many subtle things were used to set the tone for a specific scene, one being music. Another being the noises that certain characters made.
Being a movie, Despicable Me naturally relies heavily upon the visual portion of the movie to make it come alive. Certain aspects of the way things are portrayed give us insight on how the writers want us to view the movie.
It's liftoff day and Gru has to capture the moon. Vector (his nemesis) and him fight to be the best villain EVER!
Falling Action
Gru missed the girl's ballet recital! He has to rush back to see it ... but he missed it. He might even lose them.
At the conclusion of the movie Gru becomes a good guy and he gets to keep the cutest little kids in the world.
The movie begins with Gru living his normal life. Currently he's a "bad person."
Rising action
Once Gru adopts the girls (Agnes, Edith, and Margo) Gru begins to change, and his plans to capture the moon start to become less and less relevant.
Freytag's Pyramid
This pyramid is essential to every piece of work ever. It posses key points that are very necessary for something to be good. Humor us and let us delve into the world of Freytag.
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